Here’s How Fighting Depression Through Art Therapies Can Turn Out To Be Beneficial

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Most people in Pakistan are unaware of what importance ‘ART’ holds in our lives. An Art therapy is self-exploration, self-evolution through independent self-investigation to externalize the inner world. It is, in fact, a form of therapy that promotes you to discover yourself. I myself as an art student experienced some sort of depression at a certain age which I overcome by creating art through painting my inner struggles on a raw canvas.

Here’s what art therapy is and how we can overcome depression through it:

Art and human psychology are interrelated and interconnected. What we draw is what we feel. One doesn’t need to develop artistic abilities to overcome his or her psychological distress. What we need is a canvas, a piece of paper or a sketchpad maybe to pour out how you feel about your secular and mental state. How you think about the surroundings, the people, your emotions.

Source: Mental Daily

In most cases, people have scarcely or no knowledge about its origin and purpose. It should be enthusiastically encouraged in school, colleges, and universities so that students get familiar with the idea. We see different things every day, and we preserve them in our minds and later those images create a slideshow which replays in our mind.


That’s the external world which we need to forget about for a while just to get out what we hold within us. The inner world we are barely aware of, our feelings, perceptions, ideas, thoughts. Through Art therapy, we express the images that come out from inside us, rather than the one we see every day. It’s the process of knowing who you are, and what is the sole purpose of your existence. Art therapy can boost our self-esteem and social confidence.

Every time we feel chronic pain, illness, sudden headache in your body that’s indeed not in your body. They’re in your mind. To fade away the negative energy one typically has to discover the inner self. The inner-self is like an ocean in a drop like Rumi stated it quite well, we occupy an entire universe within us.

MUNIBA MAZARI, a wheel bound artist recovered by painting her inner world on a canvas. She discovered her real self through art and colors. She said the only option she was left with in the end was to create art to fight back with depression. It developed in her a sense of satisfaction. Indulgence in Art helps us forget the external problems we were actually worried for and about. We keep exploring ourselves through it.

Art opens new doors and the window of your mind. You start instantly discovering the changes in you. A considerably more appropriate version of yourself. In short, this activity should be highly recommended in school, colleges, and universities to stop the depression, and anxiety that is killing the young creative minds.

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