Here’s How Can You Lose Weight When You Are A Biryani Lover

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Every individual with a bit more weight wants to lose it but don’t want to give up on their favorite dishes like Biryani, Quorma etc. The same thing is happened with Pakistani people who are famous around the globe as Biryani lovers & also due to their tasty recipes but also weight conscious. When it comes to weight loss, there is the simplest formula “Eat less calories and burn more calories by physical activities” but sadly we only keep eating calories and never do anything for burning those extra calories. No doubt, weight loss is possible when you eat your favorite food along with some effort for burning calories. Otherwise, there is a second easy way for doing it.

Let’s Have a Look at both methods…

Method One: Losing weight while Sacrificing Your Favorite Foods

The first method is all about “working smarter than harder”, but it’s only possible if you are ready to leave your favorite foods full with calories and also interested in eating some natural food recipes.

Start Eating Natural Food Recipes



Here, I am talking about cooking vegetables without adding chicken and meat in it, using tea without adding much sugar in it and eating fresh fruits whenever feeling hungry in between the meals instead of ordering a Pizza… Let’s say you are using only natural foods for fulfilling your hunger then it means you are now gaining fewer calories and your digestion system is smart enough to digest that natural food without any further physical activities.

A Little Exercise Session



As I already mentioned that eating low calories natural diet already giving you fewer calories and when you start doing any aerobic exercise (walking, running, swimming, jogging, rope jumping) of your interest just for 15-20 minutes daily now it means you are burning your extra calories gained before. It will be double beneficial if you try some weight loss drinks after completing your exercise session like green tea.


If you are more conscious about your weight rather than your taste then this plan is for you, Also this will work faster and you will have the opportunity to start eating some natural foods and fruits that you are not using usually.

Method Two : Losing Weight while Eating your Favorite Foods

If we can see the weight loss formula again “Burn more calories than you gain”, It is clear that if we are eating our favorite foods then we have to do some special workouts for burning those calories…But first, you need to avoid using these products…

Avoid Using Soft Drinks, Start Drinking Water



Soft drinks are not gaining you weight directly but are totally loaded with sugar which can increase your hunger and after some time you are getting ready for your extra meal which is not beneficial at all… But if you are drinking much water instead, It will boost your metabolism and decrease your hunger, Long story short, Water is forcing your body to gain less calories and soft drinks are pushing you to gain some more…

Say “What is this Fast Food” ?



Whenever you got an offer or feel the need of fast foods including Burgers, Shawarmas and maybe your favorite Mcdonald’s deal act like the above headline that I don’t even know what fast food is…The reason is Fast foods are totally loaded with calories which can easily convince you to lay down and start watching next episode of your favorite season instead of going out for your running session…I know it’s not that easy to leave but try leaving it as soon as possible. But when you are focused with your workout routine then it’s okay to eat twice in a week with your friend…I was doing the same.

Start Your Exciting Exercise Session



So, when you are trying your best to leave soft drinks and fast foods or just eating your favorite foods cooked at home now it’s time to burn those calories gained from your healthy diet… Select your most interesting cardio exercise from running, jogging, swimming, rope jumping and start with a session of 20-25 minutes and motivate yourself enough to complete your session daily maybe at your nearest park. When you are running for 20-25 minutes daily it means you are burning extra calories gained from your diet recently and also from your body extra fat, So the only way to lose weight while eating your favorite foods is to avoid using high-calories extra foods (not including your favorite foods) and go for your exercise session daily.


The second method is a bit harder but here you only have to skip drinking soft drinks & eating fast foods and keep using your favorite foods. Your main focus will be the daily exercise routine for at least 20-25 minutes whether it’s running or rope jumping you have to do it and will see the clear results soon.

Hope this weight loss guide will help you out, best of luck for your weight loss journey.

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