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Here’s How Bollywood Celebrities Are Mourning the Death of Asma Jahangir in an Honorable Manner!

Human rights activist and a prominent, brave Pakistani lawyer Asma Jahangir last breath yesterday and since then, the entire world is mourning her death. People may have disagreements with her, but one thing is for certain, Asma Jahangir left a deeper mark in the world.

She fought for what was her stance from day one. She stood for what she said. Asma Jahangir was an example of what it seems to have a different opinion in a system that may not always agree with you.

On 11th February 2018, not only did Pakistan lose a gem, but the entire world did. Those who watched Asma Jahangir knew exactly what she was doing for the human rights.


The Death of Asma Jahangir has Also Left Bollywood Celebs In Awe – Who Now Honor her Legacy!

From One Advocate to Another

It Indeed is!

Her Efforts Will Never Go Unnoticed

She Most Definitely Did

Terribly Indeed

She Inspired Everyone, Everywhere



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