Here's How A Person can Escape The Rat Race In Life

Here’s How A Person Can Escape The Rat Race In Life

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Happy Birthday! The day you are born, the race starts towards the finish line, the hunt for your fancy and unique name, a better education opportunity, a beneficial friend circle, best spouse, a luxurious house, children and further well-settled facilitating life for your children you have to leave behind before crossing the finish life as well! PHEW! Feeling exhausted yet? Oh, boy! Wishing I wasn’t born.

Lucky Charm

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Okay! Playing the video slowly, if you are born in a financially secure household, then Charlie My boy, you are already through this race as a winner. But if you are born in a not so “financially secure” family, then it’s pretty much hard to compete out there. Reality is that, one is labeled lucky, privileged and also treated respectfully conforming to one’s financial luck. And unfortunately, if you are not so “lucky” then it kind of sort of or may I say literally sucks!. From there starts your struggle of how well you perform your role. After all, it’s not so easy to “win”, you have to run to reach.


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What’s our gauge to judge a successful life anyway? Let me give a few options to make it easy for ya! Here it goes:

1- A life full of perks, born in your own house, study abroad. Attractive! Isn’t it?

2- Not so well settled household, struggling to get your own house until not sure, pretty much mediocre life. Interesting!

3- Born in a struggling family, having no education and somehow managing to make the ends meet.

Well, each and every one of us will choose the first one. You are forced by the ”Forces Above” to be the second and then come the 3rd one we all are afraid to be.

Reality Check

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But the twist to the story is that we are not given a choice. We are just given the gift of life and it’s up to us what we achieve. Everyone is trying to do what they can do. Then why this vanity, fellas?! Why can’t we help each other to make it to the end? Why can’t we see the needy? Why can’t we use our privileges to help others to prosper too, instead of stocking our overly stocked fridges? After all, you are going to die anyway!

Be Humane

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Let us not make it hard as life as it already is. Be a friend who listens, be a neighbor who helps, be a boss who is kind. Let us not just benefit ourselves from our luck, help others too. SHARE! Let us make the world a better place. May we all it reach “there” as winners! As Shakespeare said:-

“All the world’s a stage and we are mere actors”

Hope we all perform well and let others perform well, too. Who knows when our roles would end?

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