Here’s Everything Your Mind Is Likely To Tell You When You Go On A Diet

Ah, the pleasure of going on a diet. The feeling you get when you finally reach the target of your weight loss. The joy you get when someone says “patli lag rae hu”. The motivation you get when you finally fit in a size smaller than your usual one. Going on clean eating-sprees has many perks we are unaware of.

While the outcome is absolutely thrilling, the struggle of going on a diet is real. Yes yes, “willpower” is everything. The thrive to achieve your set target gets tough every time your brain diverts you, something which is very common if you are a die-hard foodie.

1. “Just One More Day”

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Your brain keeps trying to convince you that you can start dieting from tomorrow, similar to the way it tells you “kal sae parhai kare gay.” Delaying it just makes everything worse.

2. “You Deserve All The Good Food In The World”

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Your brain rebelling against your heart which has the will of losing weight and having a perfect figure. If food makes you happy, your brain will definitely send these messages to you. Definitely.

3. “You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are”

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This is when your brain tells you to accept who you are and just flaunt yourself however you are. In short, it makes you delusional…

4. “Omg I Am Better Than So Many People In Terms Of Weight. I Don’t Need To Diet”

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This is when you try to convince yourself that you do not need to diet because your friend XYZ is also as healthy as you are so chill.

5. “I Cannot Say No To All This Food”

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All the happiness and sadness in the world revolves around food. Do you want to take that away from us by letting go of food? NO!!!!

6. “If You Really Love Me, Love All My Fats As Well”

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Sometimes people lose weight when they wish to look nice next to their partners. But there will come a point when you will be done with all spree of losing weight and just tell them to accept them the way you are…

7. “I Do Not Deserve This Pheekay Khane”

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Let’s face it – all the best food in the world makes you fat. While dieting itself is painful for someone who loves food, pheekay pakwaan makes it even worse.

On a lighter note, eating clean and remaining fit is very important. It saves you from a lot of health conditions and keeps your body active as well. To top it all off, losing weight requires cardio/exercises and let’s face it, the benefits these physical activities are countless.

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