It’s Not Just About Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, It’s About Intolerance!

When one is not allowed to express his or her beliefs in the country they are born in, then we can be certain there is something wrong with the regime they live in.

“Be an enemy of the oppressors and helper of the oppressed” – Ali ibn Abi Talib



Islam has laid great emphasis on the ideals of freedom of religion and to stand up against oppression, yet the perceived , “brand ambassadors of Islam” around the world are the ones that act in the most oppressive and tyrannical manner.   



To stoop so low as to kill an innocent man, just due to the fact that he holds a different belief than your own. The small mindedness and sheer intolerance of the people who are supposedly the leaders of the Muslim world is obscenely evident.



There are a thousand Shake Al- Nimr’s around the world that are oppressed for the beliefs that they adhere to. Even in our own country, where there is intolerance towards; the Shia community, Ahmedi community, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians basically anyone who is not a middle class mainstream Muslim.



It’s time we stopped pointing fingers at everyone else and took a long hard look at ourselves. Do we really practice what we preach, are we really tolerant of others or do we just  jump on the bandwagon when a topic is trending? It’s not just about Sheikh Nimr al- Nimr, although there is absolutely no doubt that he is a great man and a great scholar that was killed for no reason.



…but it is about all of us do we really practice tolerance for all and stand up against oppression when it’s our neck on the line.


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