Here’s All You Need To Know About The Deadly COVID-19


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This article was originally submitted by Maryam Mehmood

How did the name Covid-19 come into being?

Coronavirus is known as Covid-19 but why? Corona is named as Covid-19 but if we focus on the word; Covid-19, CO stands for corona, VI stands for the virus, D stands for disease and 19 is the year; when corona’s case appeared the first time. But unfortunately, due to the continuous spread of corona, now the year; 2020, can be more known as now year of Covid-19.

History, symptoms and prevalence:

Covid-19 is basically caused by a virus; that belongs to a family of viruses, which are known to cause cold and respiratory illnesses; such as MERS and SARS. In COVID-19, a person may have zero to many symptoms; they are varying from person to person.

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Commonly observed symptoms are; low to high fever headache, dry cough, difficulty in breathing, muscle pain; and now new observed symptoms, is a loss of sense of taste and smell. Mortality rate differs; from country to country but fortunately, in Pakistan, it is very low. If we calculate mortality rate; due to Covid-19 in Pakistan, from statistical data of WHO then it is 2%.

Statistical ratios revealed people; of high age group and the ones who are already having diseases, are more affected with COVID-19 and ratio of infection; as well as death is more observed in males. In case anyone gets infected with Covid-19 don’t lose hope; because many recovered patients revealed that it is important for a patient; to be mentally strong in order to defeat the disease.

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Precautionary measures:

Temperature screening is not an effective measure; to stop and detect Covid-19, because maybe the person is having a virus; that is in the incubation period.  The incubation period is the time; between exposure of body with virus and appearance of symptoms.

The major reason for spread is asymptomatic patients; that are silent carriers of the virus. This is in which the virus is in the incubation period. If we talk about treatment, then still there is no such particular treatment has been observed. The only way to make yourself safe is by following precautionary measures; social distancing, avoid unnecessary outing, wear masks and most important wash your hand for 20sec frequently.

In the end, I will just say prevention is better than cure. May we all stay safe from this virus!

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