Here’s A Thought-Provoking Message From The Evil To Humans

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You plead for mercy,

While I flee.

You are kept captivated,

While I am free.

I am a citizen of the globe

A freaky Heartthrob

If I were not what I am, I would not have the impact that I have on people’s perception today. I would have never been able to achieve what I have managed to. Thank God! I am no more the one with feelings.

Poor innocent people! You live in prison. All the laws are to be followed by you. On the other hand, I do whatever I want to and travel wherever I like to. The restrictions put on me are not considered by me. I break people’s trust. I pass them off. I kill them without having pity on them yet I am in demand. The whole world wants me. The media coverage is incomplete without my mention.

What else should I aspire to achieve?

Source: Giphy

I am grateful to all who help me attain my goals. Although I have no superpowers, I am portrayed as one of those. I give all of them who are contributing to my cause a massive kudos for spreading the words of fear. I had never been valued when I was not what I am today. There were times when I used to be nice to people. There were times when it hurt me when I hurt them`. There were times when I shed tears on the killings of innocents.

Then came the time when I was mistreated. My rights were violated. Hypocrites were ruling the world. I couldn’t see any glimmer of hope and chose the path I am on. One thing for sure, I and my partners are not strong at all only we are united and dedicated towards our aims. I can easily be beaten if the good gets strengthened which is not likely to happen.

Right now, I am enjoying my freedom as you people lack wisdom. In the meanwhile, I am throwing few questions towards you and hoping against hope to get replies in positive! The questions are:

Can you get united?

Can you say no to division?

Can you stand firm against me?


I am afraid, “You can’t!”

I am a bloody terrorist

I am controlling the globe

I am a global citizen

You are confined to countries

I am not!…………..

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