Here Is Why You Should Live In A Hostel Once In Your Life

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When people know about you being a hostelite, the very first thing that pop up in their mind is “freedom”. “Oh so you can go whenever you want? Wow you are so lucky. Gosh you live all alone with full freedom. God I wish I could live in a hostel too.” 

However, in reality, it is not only limited to “freedom”. There are so many other things as well which a hostelite has to encounter. Far away from homes, living with some unknown roommate, sharing your cupboards with other is something not everyone easily accepts. But in hostel you have to go through all these things no matter what.

Hostel life makes you responsible

Whether it’s waking up in the morning or ironing your clothes, at the end you know you have to do this all by yourself. There’s no ammi kind of creature to help you out. Generally, you have roommates with you but NO you don’t take the risk to let them iron your favorite clothes.



Living with the Multi culture

When you love to study different cultures then hostel is the best place for you. You get to meet so many people belonging to different parts of the world specifically from all around Pakistan. From Skardu to Thar, you meet thousands of people sharing different language, culture, norms and traditions.



Your ammi becomes your masterchef

You know your ammi is always there on the phone telling you easy to make recipes. When you get bored of all those 50 shades of maggi flavor your ammi is the one who helps you in cooking food all by yourself.



You know how to save money

Talk about bargaining with a Taxi driver over 50rupees or buying more things in less money, you master the art of saving money. With the fear or running out of money at the end of the month you set saving goals and make small budgets.



Focus of attention in studies

There are no bhai behen at hostel to ruin your study. You get ample amount of time and relaxation when it comes to study. When you get tired of your roommate’s chikchik, then Prayer Hall is the one where you conduct your studies in total peace.



You don’t depend on others



You get so responsible while living a hostel life that you refuses to depend on anyone else. You totally depend on yourself.You get able to do your work or whatever that is that you want to do on your own.

You get more attached with your family

As you spend less amount of time at your home therefore you get more attached to your family. Missing wedding ceremonies get together and your family members becomes a normal thing to you.



You get to know about Multi-tasking


Multi-tasking becomes your forever best friend. You get able to manage hundred things at a single time. Making breakfast, getting ready for university and revising your test at a single time seems difficult but for a hostelite it is just a normal thing.


You value time



At the end of the day you master the art of managing time. Whether it is waking up at sharp 7am or eating your dinner at 8pm, you are always in rush but somehow you manage how to consume your time.

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