Here Is Why People Think Every Sunni Should Attend A Majlis On Ashura

Shia to hote he Kafir hain. Wo apni niyaz me pata nahin kya kya dal krdete hain. Unki majalis me Ashab e Salasa ko galiyan de jati hain. Shia to Hazrat Ali ko khuda mante hain. Unka Hajj Iran me hota hai, Makkah me nae. Shiyon ka Quran bhi humse alag hai.

These were the perceptions of mine like every Sunni who never read a book to verify them, till I accepted the invitation of my Shia friend for majlis e Ashura at Imambargah.

The Peace At Its Peak



As I entered, there was a huge plain ground linked to the hall for women. In the center of it, Alam e Abbas Alamdar was hoisted, the fragrant of roses and incense sticks created an aura of shrines like I experienced once at shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi.

My friend touched the alam, wept and prayed. I just recited Surahe Fatiha and passed on towards the hall. Almost everyone was wearing black and fully covered. Me and my friend sat in the corner to see the Zakira clearly.

Yes, They Don’t Have Any Other Quran With 40 Juz



Before starting speech, she asked to recite Durood e Pak which was different to ours but I joined them. She recited few verses from Surah e Mulk and explained it in detail which was really easy and interesting. Afterwards, in masaib she told about how Imam Hussain’s older son Ali Akbar was brutally killed and Imam Hussain put the corpse without putting curse to infidels moved towards Ganj e Shaheedan.

At that moment, when a father lost his son, his everything. With nohay and mataam, the majlis came to an end. The management of the Imambargah distributed small packets of biryani as niaz and I came back after crushing all the wrong perceptions under the feet.

Shia Kafir Nae Hote

BeFunky Collage


Shias have a proper system of knowledge deliverance which starts from 1st Moharram and ends on 8th of Rabi ul Awwal, they discuss nothing except Quran o Hadiths, Shia never curse any caliph (Sahabi) even they quote Bibi Ayesha and Hazrat Abu Bakr in their majalis, they respect everyone who belongs or loves Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Being A Sunni What Should We Do?



Before analyzing, we shouldn’t conclude anyone’s faith. And to examine the right information one should read and read without being biased. We should respect the others perspective, no matter how much it is wrong or right. We should focus on Karbala as we do on others major events of Islam. Ashura is not a “Haleem Day”, sit, read and think about the great sacrifice Imam Hussain made in Karbala. It is not the day for Shias only!

And if you would adopt these thoughts, you would really wish to attend the majlis as I do.


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