Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Birth Anniversary Of Imam Hussain

The sacred month of Shaban is the month which made a way of reshaping our hearts for the advent of fasting month of Ramadhan. It is the only month for which our Holy Prophet said that, “Shaban is my month, and whoever fasts a day of this month of mine will surely be admitted into paradise.” – (Sahi Bukhari)

Along with other blessings, it is the month which marks the birth anniversary of the leader of martyrs, the beacon of light and the ark of salvation, Imam Hussain.

Who Is Hussain?

Imam Hussain is the grandson of our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, the son of Hazrat Ali and Bibi Fatima, and the brother of Imam Hassan. He revived the Islamic principles and humanitarian values through his immortal martyrdom on the land of Karbala.

What Did Hazrat Jibrael a.s Reveal On The Birth Of Imam Hussain?

On the blissful event of the birth of Imam Hussain, Allah S.W.T sent his felicitation through Hazrat Jibraeel who was ordered by the Lord to convey His greetings to the Noble Messenger PBUH but not only that, Hazrat Jibraeel also brought the sad news of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

When the Holy Prophet  PBUH received the sorrowful news His eyes were filled with tears and the happiness turned into mourning for the fate of His grandson. Holy Prophet PBUH told Bibi Fatima and Hazrat Ali that,

” Hazrat Jibraeel descended from Heaven and with the message of congratulation on the birth of your holy son He also revealed the painful news of the martyrdom of my precious grandson Hussain.”

The parents of Imam Hussain patiently heard the news and thanked Allah that He has chosen us for this great purpose.

-Mishkat Part 8

The Love Of Holy Prophet PBUH For Imam Hussain

Imam Hussain was a beloved grandson of Holy Prophet PBUH, not because He is his grandson but because of the role he would play to make Islam and all humanitarian values triumphant forever.

Hazrat Muhammad PBUHsaid once that,

Husainun minni wa ana min Husain – Husain is from me and I am from Husain”

He PBUH also said:

Inn al-Husain Misbah al-Huda wa Safinat an-Najah – Indeed Husain is the Beacon of Guidance and the Ark of Salvation”

He also hailed Imam Husain and his elder brother, Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba, as the Twin Leaders of the Youths of Paradise.

How Could We Celebrate The Birth Anniversary Of Imam Hussain?

Imam Hussain had demonstrated in Karbala through his immortal martyrdom that his objective had always been to create a spiritual awakening through amr bil ma”ruf and nahyi anal munkar. He called out for the continuation of this jihad at the individual, social and political levels.


We learn the real meaning of freedom, liberty, dignity, and humanitarian values by following the brilliant path blazed out by the Syed u Shuhada Imam Hussain. So on the occasion of his blessed birthday, let us pray to God to guide us to the path he followed. Ameen.

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