Saba Qamar has a Badass Reply to Death Threats for her Role In ‘Baaghi’

Saba Qamar isn’t the first celebrity who has received death threats, and in the past, there have been a few celebrities that have gone through the same. However. for Saba, this isn’t the first time. She has received death threats when her Bollywood movie, Hindi Medium was release in which Irfan Khan, her co-star in the movie frankly stated that,“I think maybe Saba Qamar has married someone here in India. She is an Indian now. I heard it somewhere.”

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But, this time around, Saba Qamar’s recent drama serial ‘Baaghi’ which is currently on air on Urdu 1, had stirred a storm on social media when Saba was chosen for the role. Many of you might be aware of her role in the serial as she’s playing Fauzia Batool AKA Qandeel Baloch who was a social media sensation. Upon taking up this role and after the trailer release, Saba had received death threats to which she said, “Everyone has to die someday. I’d rather die after doing something worthwhile.”  Now, we call that guts! Truly inspiring!

Although the role is quite controversial and a majority had figured out the reason behind it, there were some who just can’t face the harsh reality and are always in denial. But, let us tell you that, we are living in a double standard society and we’re all a part of it.

Moreover, we really love her attitude towards her work and since she is now amongst the highest paid actors in Pakistan, she has indeed proven herself by showcasing her brilliant skills in Baaghi and everyone just can’t stop talking about it! And we know, this role was NOT easy to play and we think no other actress would have pulled off this role better than Ms. Qamar.

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