Here is why Our Society Needs to Stop Stigmatizing Depression and Other Mental Issues

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Why has society stigmatized mental disorders like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, loneliness and so many? Oh, he/she is having anxiety, he is taking an antidepressant. They claim it something like as the patient is responsible for this mess and because of the very behavior of non-educated and educated people of the society. They are suffering from inside but they don’t tell their situation to their parents, friends or teachers or to consult a psychiatrist, because they fear that after consultation they are gonna stamped as mad or insane by people. Things get severe and in most cases, result in the suicidality of the individual.

This issue is widely common in medical students. Recently, a second-year MBBS student of Sahara Medical College Norawala, Punjab committed suicide because of the tension of her supplementary results. It was not only her result that contributed, there are other multiple contributing factors also which was making her anxious and depressed. This is not the story of a single medical student, every second is suffering but they are unable to communicate because of stigmatization.


A student comes to a medical school with a dream of becoming doctor and saving lives. But during their stay at the medical school, they try to even save their own lives first. instead of becoming the doctor they become pressure cookers. Some of the researchers have reported that 4 out of 10 medical students are depressed. Why is it so? Something must be there which is stealing their peace of mind.

Source: UMY

Other contributing factors are lack of adjustment, the burden of studies, more theory less practicality, loneliness, failures, emotional attachments, deviation from religious norms, worries, rejection in love and so on but mostly it depends upon the brain chemistry of the individual. If his/her serotonin level is low she/her would be depressed whether they try their best to happy. So along with counseling medication and change in lifestyle is a must.

But one thing that should be taken into account. Stop stigmatizing these disease so that not only medical students every single person could easily communicate with peers until its too late. We should consider it as a fact that depression is a disease like high blood pressure and diabetes. Unfortunately, our society has stigmatized it and even its discussion is considered as taboo.

Communicate without any hesitation if you are feeling depressed or anxious, share your problem with family, parents and consultant psychiatrist. It’s not something you are responsible for. Don’t feel guilty. Life is still there. You are not alone ALLAH is always with you. Life is His gift. take care of it.

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