Here Is Why One Should Watch ‘One Tree Hill’ Once In Their Life

I was in my 10th grade while flipping through TV channels, I stopped at Star World and One Tree Hill caught my attention. I’ve been hooked to that show ever since. It’s a pack of everything – from Brooke’s high school flings to Nathan’s father’s issues, from Deb’s unstable personality to Karen’s sweet-as-a-berry nature and with the best title song by Gavin DeGraw that’s so catchy you’ll find yourself crooning it almost all the time once it gets to your ears.

It’s a sitcom of 9 seasons that shows transformation of every character from their school going days to how they overcome hitches and difficulties of their professional lives. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and is so addictive to watch that you’d probably forget when the night comes and the sun rises (Yes, that actually happened with me). The show also has a dark side to it once you cross season 3, which is equally fun to watch with a lot of suspense throughout.



In addition to that, it revolves around so many interesting and life-changing didactic quotes that you have to write down in order to read them later in life with Oh-So-Good episode titles such as: “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We slept…”, that is so irresistible you have to watch the episode or you would probably be up all night tossing and turning dreaming about what could have been the episode about.

I have watched the entire show three times and it’s worth the watch. Making it a part of your routine will feel like you know these people by heart and their stories will start to reflect with yours.  What more could you ask for? Just… go over to your favorite online streaming site and start watching already!  My personal favorite site is  Hope you enjoy it! Happy binge-watch!

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