Here Is Why Moth Smoke Is A Must Read For Those Who Want To Understand Today’s Youth

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There are many fiction books produced by talented and creative Pakistani writers that make readers in love with their work. The readers cannot help but to utterly indulge in it and relate to the likeliness. One of the best works ever produced is ‘Moth Smoke’ by Mohsin Hamid.

Unpredictable and unexpected, Moth Smoke portrays a contemporary Pakistan as far vivid and disturbing than the exoticized images of South Asia. This novel established Mohsin Hamid as a writer of substance, style, and imagination.

Moth Smoke is not only close to reality, but a perfect portrayal of one’s desire that ends up consuming the soul. As Ghalib famously quoted, Thousands of desires, each worth dying for…many of them I have realized…yet I yearn for more”



This book is based on the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan’s sons – Aurangzeb and Darashikoh. A rivalry between them led to Aurangzeb defeating his brother, delivering his head to their father and ended up sitting on the throne.

Moth Smoke is about passion, rivalry, adultery, desperation, materialism and social class differences – the emotions and conflicts that are bottled up inside the youth of our country.

The psychological analysis of each character is top notch. The desperation and dependency on drugs and love destroy Daru’s life. Why Ozi is a bad self-assured, why his wife Mumtaz commit adultery, why Daru must take drugs for survival and so many more aspects that can be related with today’s age.

Everything is passionately written and is well-connected that you will find yourself lost in the book. Apart from characters, Mohsin Hamid’s style of portraying Lahore would make any reader nostalgic and yearn for the beautiful city. The use of colloquial term and references are realistic. A beautiful tale of self-destruction, it’s must read. It is a lesson for everyone. Fall in love by reading the Moth Smoke.

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