Here is Why Karachiites Should Fear Waderas Instead of Terrorists!

Living in Pakistan, we have always been told to fear terrorists, to not go to public gatherings or to stay out too late. We have been told to not go to “dangerous areas” like Landi, Maleer or Liyari, but who knew that the real protection was needed in those areas we considered “posh” and high class.

Is This Really What Karachi Life Has Come To!

Boy shot at chai shai over parking dispute…

chai shai shooting

Where we fear going out of our homes in our own city…

chai shai

Where our children aren’t safe…

Hamza, killed by guards over a school boy brawl at the tender age of 17.

hamza parhlo

Source: Tribune


A City Where Our Girls Are Not Safe Any More

Girl shot at and kidnapped from Dolmen mall, Clifton…

dolmen shooting

Source: Tribune

In Just A Fraction Of A Second, All Your Life’s Joys Can Vanish

Shahzeb Khan, only son of Aurangzaib Khan, killed over a verbal dispute with Joti family’s worker…

ShahzebKhan- Parhlo

Source: Tribune

Why do we fear terrorism when we are facing something even worse

parhlo terror in Karachi

Should we fear the evil we see every day all around us, or the one that we seldom have to face. Honestly, Karachi. What are we more afraid of – being exposed to terrorist activity or pissing off a wadera and paying the ultimate price?


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