Here Is Why Black Friday Sales Are One Of The Most "Exciting" Times Of The Year For Pakistanis

Here Is Why Black Friday Sales Are One Of The Most “Exciting” Times Of The Year For Pakistanis

Pakistanis are not unaware of the concept of Black Sales. With the memorable sales that happened at the same time during last year, many Pakistanis are looking forward to this year’s sales as well.

Stressing on the “memorable sales” part, let’s recall last year’s fascinating sales that took the brand stores and the internet by a storm:

1. Sapphire’s Anniversary Sale, Lahore

bbc urdu

bbc urdu

On this day, the level of absurdity touched the roof when Sapphire announced their sale in November last year ( I was an eye-witness of it.)

Women were seen pushing other women against glass doors and windows, women were throwing hangers at one another in the urge she would leave the kurta she wanted and last but obviously not the least, women fighting like cats and dogs over clothes:

The elitists lost their mind and their hunger for getting hands on clothes that were available on half the price was seen at its peak. This is the same class who can even buy these clothes without any trouble in an off-sale season. The thirst of this materialistic class was seen at its peak and this is just one example.

2. Agha Noor, Karachi

Broken bones (definitely) and broken doors – women in Karachi were out of control last year when Agha Noor announced to take part in Black Friday sales. The massively powerful crowd took over security and broke the main entrance door of the outlet since they were not allowed to enter.

The “educated” elitists, driving in their lavish rides and dressed in clothes that somewhat cost around the average Pakistani labor’s monthly income, showed their “class” last year by losing their minds after clothes that they need to prove their worth in the society.

Following American Concepts Has Become An Obligation On Pakistanis

The concept of Black Friday was introduced in America as day(s) where stores like Walmart and other American brands introduce sales right after another American tradition, Thanksgiving. For Pakistanis? There’s no event that needs to be “celebrated”, they just need to follow yet another American tradition to fill their pockets. The difference between America and Pakistan is that their sales encourage each set of economically involved class to reap the benefits, which is contrary to what happens in Pakistan.

Let’s embrace Black Friday sales this year with the same enthusiasm because that’s what Pakistanis are good at.

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