Here is Everything You Need to Know About The Beautiful Actress, Armeena Rana Khan!

This years’ much awaited Lollywood film Janaan released on Eid-Ul-Azha and with that broke a lot of records while collecting Rs. 30 Crore worldwide!

While the lead actors of the film Bilal Ashraf and Ali Rehman Khan have got every girl talking (and drooling), Armeena is stealing hearts of our men and we are not even surprised as she is a complete babe. And it’s not just her role in Janaan that she has absolutely nailed, but her role in drama serial Bin Roye Aansu has been making a lot of people a fan of her too!

1. Armeena Hails From Canada

Like her sexy accent wasn’t self-explanatory. She currently lives in Manchester, but frequently visits Pakistan for her projects.

2. She Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Armeena Rana Khan is a University of Manchester graduate. She can outdo you with all the sassy business talk, mister.

3. Armeena Played the Lead Role in British Movie, Writhe

Twitter: @ArmeenaKhan

Twitter: @ArmeenaKhan

She also has two International projects lined up, namely The Achilles Protocol and The Real Target.

4. Armeena Rana Khan is the First Ever Pakistani Woman whose Film Was Screened At Cannes Festival

5. She Is A Travel Junkie Who Cannot Stop Traveling

6. She Has Already Made her Indian Film Debut

Armeena was the lead character of Bollywood movie, “It’s Too Much.”

She also played the role of a ghazal singer in Bollywood film, Unforgettable.


MashaAllah Ankhe Teri, Kitni Haseen.

8. Armeena is Against Setting Fair Skin Tone As Parameter of Beauty


In an interview, Armeena said, “I have just recently rejected a 2-year lucrative deal with a skin care company and I am very proud of it. Does the success only come with fair color? No. Are we still hostage to those deeper societal prejudices enforced on us by our elders? Yes”. – HIP Pakistan.

9. She Looks Perfect As A Bride

Are you reading this, boys?

10. She Dances Like a Queen

11. She is A Snapchat Fanatic Like Us and Uploads the Best Snaps of Co-Stars

???????????? love this one! #ArmeenaKhan #Home #Friends #Fun #Manchester ❤️❤️

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12. She Can Flaunt Western Attire

…………..And Desi As well

13. She Was Listed in Top 50 Sexiest Asian Women


And who would doubt that!

We wish Armeena good luck for all her future projects

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