Mahira Khan And Ranbir Kapoor Were Spotted At An Event Together

Mahira Khan And Ranbir Kapoor Were Spotted At An Event Together In Dubai. Here’s Why!

It has been observed that in the past few years, Pakistani celebrities are taking part in social work for empowering the locals to preserve their rights. Sania Saeed, Shehzad Roy, Imran Khan and many others have done remarkable work to promote patriotism in their beloved homeland. Recently, Mahira Khan made her way into the list too as well as her presence in the annual ceremony of Global Teachers Prize speaks aloud.

Mahira Khan expressed how she was a shy and innocent girl and it was only because of her teachers, that she started dreaming of something bigger.

“All learning is understanding. When I look back at my own teachers, I had been affected by so many of them. I stand here in front of you because of all those teachers who understood me, who understood that they had a huge responsibility in shaping the way every child in the class thought .. making a difference by seeing the difference. Today I have a voice and a platform and I plan to do exactly that in my capacity.”

Mahira also announced the initiation of a National Teacher Prize which would follow in the footsteps of the Global Teacher Prize.

But another thing viewers noticed was the presence of Ranbir Kapoor in the event. He also paid a tribute to his teachers while addressing to the audience.

People not only appreciated the remarkable speeches of both the actors but admired them as a pair too.

The Global Teacher Prize is a $1 million prize presented to those teachers who have made exceptional contributions in their fields. Teachers from all over the world took part and then made their way to the finale from which the jury chose the winner. This year Maggie Donnell, a Canadian teacher, won the prize.

However, it’s such a great initiative for paying tribute to the teachers by inviting internationally recognized celebrities to make the event noteworthy. I hope that the message Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan delivered from that platform should also be noticed and some film directors should consider the pair too!

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