Here Is What Jinnah Would Have Posted If He Had Twitter! #JinnahTweets

While the patriotic Pakistanis are busy in their plans for the celebration of 14 August, Twitter has something new for you.

Like different news channels have introduced a section of “Agar 1947 me hamara channel hota to kya dikhata?” in their news bulletin, Twitterati are tweeting about their Quaid in remembrance that if he would have had a Twitter account, this is how would he would have used it. Let’s have a look.

At least at this point, they are the same. The Pokemon Fans!

The Facebook Buddies

I wish they had at least used a selfie stick for this

No matter how decent he is, Social Media pe sab chalta hai

He is careful about his rivals’ dressing too

Material Things Did Not Impress Him

Dushman ko mat dena, koi Quaid se seekhe

Say No To British Culture

No similarity at all!

The Party Lover

It hurts. Really.

His popularity has no comparison

Pay him back the way he wished

And Raheel Sharif too- he is the name of every success!

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