Here Is The Reason Why Google Shows India As The Namak-Haram Country

namak haram country india

We all know that when you Google ‘Namak Haram Country’ India pops up.

We were wondering the exact cause of this and not many knew the answer. But now, exclusively, Parhlo brings you the reason why India is called the Namak Haram Country. And it is simple. Very, very simple.

Indians are eating Pakistani Namak and then spewing hate against Pakistan. Yes, literally eating Pakistani Namak. Ajwain and Sendha Namak are two forms of Salt being imported by India from Pakistan. This was highlighted by Varun Grover, an Indian comedian on Twitter.

Ajwain is being imported by India because of the hiked prices locally while Pakistan’s ‘Sendha Namak’ is a regular treat for the Devout Hindus in India. Yep. All the hate that comes out of their mouth against Pakistan is because of the energy they get from Pakistani Namak.

So those who wondered why Google shows India as the Namak Haram country, thanks to Parhlo, now you know why.

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