Here Is How You Can Attain A Zero Size Figure Like A Supermodel!

In the recent times almost everyone is concerned about their body size and physique but as a matter of fact it being slim and ‘in zero size shape’ makes us healthy and appealing.

This summer I am sure that you all want to get fit and toned up. These upper body exercises will shape up your arms and shoulders and help you get fit.

Say hello to slim shoulders and strong arms, and get prepared to lose some fat and increasing your overall health and fitness.

First Exercise

The first exercise is for ideal arms. After doing basic push-ups in order to warm up your body, prepare yourself for Dumbbell Punches. This exercise works the muscles in your arms and gets them prepared for a strength training session. It is a cardio move that heats up your body. You have to lift the dumbbells, one in the right and the other in the left hand and then place them near your shoulders, making sure that your elbows stick to your sides. Now alternately punch out the dumbbell to your front by straightening your elbow. Your back should remain straight throughout this exercise. Repeat this exercise for 1-2 minutes. This fancy exercise strengthens your arms and shoulders, and shapes your upper body making it look amazing!


Next is another basic upper body exercise

Get into the push-up position and go down on your elbows instead of hands and then hold this position for a minimum of two minutes. It is more intense than regular push-ups and you will definitely feel the burn. Repeat this move for 20 counts. It is one of the best moves for a sexy back and it works on chest and shoulders too.


the third upper body exercise

The half kneeing bicep curl. In this exercise, you have to kneel down on one knee either right or left, a dumbbell in hand which is parallel to the side of the knee on which you have bent. First, keep your arm to your side and then curl the weight up by keeping your arm close to it. Repeat this step 30 times. This exercise tightens up the upper back muscles and tones up your arms.



The fourth upper body exercise

 This makes your arms and shoulders toned up for perfect curves. The triceps kickbacks. This exercise offers you shaped up triceps which make your upper body attractive.



In this exercise, you have to stand straight in an erect posture keeping you back straight too. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, then you have to bring your right leg forward and bend your right knee a little and put your weight on your right foot while keeping your back leg straight. Now bend forward slightly and put your right hand on your right knee and left hand at back with left elbow pointing backward. Then kick the left dumbbell backward by straightening your left elbow. Repeat this step for 12-15 times and then repeat it with the other arm.


So why are you still lying there on your couch? Get up and start working on your body shape right away. Stop complaining about your body shape it’s time to get STARTED!

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