Here Is How Twitter Reacted To Coke Studio’s Version of Afreen Afreen

So the second episode of Coke Studio season 9 came out with a remake of one of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan‘s best pieces of music “Afreen Afreen”, written by Javed Akhtar. Attempting a remake of Ustaad’s one of the best songs is never a comfortable or easy task but Faakhir surprisingly pulled it off really well and the results were quite different in everyone’s opinions. The song was performed by Nusrat’s successor Rahat Fateh Ali Khan himself and Momina Mustehsan.

Here is what Twitter had to say about it

First of all forget the song. They all talked about Momina Mustehsan.

1. If it gets views it will be because of her

2. And suddenly everyone is in love with her

She is just so cute.

3. Looked like Rahat sang it for her

Alright enough with drooling over Momina, let’s talk about the reviews.

Fine lets drool a little more with the truth though

Positive Reviews

The song didn’t really receive a complete negative feedback. Some people where nice enough to appreciate the efforts.

1. Nobody can be compared to NFAK

Keep that in mind and enjoy.

2. Some people were hooked to it

Okay maybe she is being too nice, it never had the repeat factor.



4. He is just in love with Momina

Negative comments

1. Bollywood feels were real

2. Haha

3. Rahat got hate too

Twitter doesn’t spare anyone.

4. Some blamed Faakhir

Faakhir was the music director of the song.

5. Endorsed.

Maybe Coke Studio tries experimenting too much rather than keeping it simple.

But Rahat got some appreciation as well

Like uncle like nephew.

But it in the end all it can be said is that yes Coke Studio tried remaking it and it was a good attempt. Nobody can match NFAK and people should listen to Coke Studio without keeping the original in mind.

But then again, do what you want Coke Studio. LEAVE NUSRAT ALONE.

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