Here’s How This Guy Reached Home After He Found Out His Uber Driver Was ‘DRUNK’

When it comes to travel we always want the coziest ride and comfortable away. We all have that one friend who always goes out of its way to do things when it comes to traveling. Like making a playlist of all the right songs, picking the good snacks, wearing the easiest clothes! But then there are others who we like to call light travelers. They just get up take whatever clothes, brush, shampoo comes in their hand and go. But either the kind, we all want our trips to be the nicest and safest, just the minor of turbulence will shake your whole experience. no?

But this guy had a pretty “shaky” experience! This guy named Surya booked an Uber from the airport to his home, but what happened during his ride was very risky!

At the end of his ride, he took a selfie!

While the shocking part was that his driver was not just drunk but so drunk that he didn’t even realize that he’s being recorded!

Surya made sure that he sent all the details to Uber so that they can take corrective measures and that no one else should go through this!

Uber being super responsible did respond to his queries, BUT 20 hours later 😀 *slow claps*

You know, just Uber ways!

*cheer claps* You must be awarded boi!

Woah! that’s scary

Umm… someone now really needs to use this “emergency” option to see how that works with Uber

Uh-ho! That too failed?! Uber needs to come with some good strategy now. Surri bro!

What would you do if you were at his place? Let it be “safe” and let the drunk driver take you home or save each other’s lives and you drive sober?

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