Here Is How Pakistanis On Twitter Reacted To India’s Alleged Surgical Strikes

Earlier today Indians were seeing celebrating surgical strikes done by their army on militants in Pakistan, although the claim was refuted by Pakistan army. But Indians celebrated on Twitter like they had found a fast bowler. Pakistanis didn’t stay behind and replied strongly to their claims of a surgical strike in Pakistan.

Indians need to remember this one.

Pakistan has done many surgical strikes on India, this, the most important one.

Indian batsmen Virender Sehwag tweeted this.

He was proud of his boys. Little did he know that Pakistanis are not going to spare him.

Burn. Literally burn.

Ouch. This was literally savage.


Sad but true.


Oh dear Lord, Anushka Sharma.

Surgical aaj nahi.

Oh well.

PM Modi seems to have a plan. Desperate times desperate measures.


Pakistan has devastated India with strikes like these many times in the history.

Why, India?

Or that guy who tells his friends he is dating the hottest girl in his college when he goes to an all boys college.

Impressive stealth mode skills.

The only place where they can strike..

is the internet.

Okay great India.

For a country whose army copies video game covers. What can you say about it?

Yes it was.

The only way India can strike Pakistan is movies.

And those movies in which they name Katrina “Nawaz Mistry” and portray Saif Ali Khan as a war hero.

There is one strike the Indians can do.


The greatest of them all.

When Shoaib Akhtar single handedly silenced whole Kolkata.

In the end.

We Pakistanis would like to congratulate Indians on the successful surgical strikes done by them on all sorts of social media.


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