Here Is How Drinking Water Daily Can Be Your Weight Loss Miracle!

Water Is Your Weight Loss Miracle -

Weight loss, weight loss and weight loss!! Probably one of the biggest nightmares people who call themselves “fat” have. When a person is going through the phase of accepting that they need to lose weight, the brain starts working in a bizarre manner.  The brain would tell you, “you are perfect the way you are – to hell with this society.” There are high chances that while you are worried about losing your weight, you will reach a point in depression where you will end up eating more than you actually do.

Having said all of this, people deal with struggles differently. While some may go through the phases mentioned earlier, some may have a continuously disrupt weight loss routine and some might even be lucky to stay motivated throughout the journey. Ideally, the latter is the approach one needs to keep in mind.

If you are reading this article and need to start losing weight or are already in the middle of a perfect diet routine, you need to keep in mind that water is one the most contributing factors in weight loss. The importance of water can be seen from the following fact:

“60% of the human body is made from water.”

When you deny your body’s required intake of the body you are neglecting 60% of the entire portion. Now is that a wise decision in general?

Water Is Your Weight Loss Miracle -

You Can Go Months Without Food, But Not Water

I have seen many people go on “diet” without eating anything significant for days. If you pull the same stunt by going without water, you won’t survive. It is essential for your body and cells to have water. Lack of water intake is known as dehydration and once you are dehydrated, you are actually putting yourself at stake.

Your Skin Will Be Ruined. You Will Become Lazy. You Will Face Lack Of Concentration. Your Brain Will Be Deeply Effected. You Will Gain Weight

So how does water help in reducing weight?

1. Water Increases Your Metabolism’s Rate

Water Is Your Weight Loss Miracle -

A raised metabolic rate leads to a number of benefits, including the rate at which a body’s fat is burned. The faster the metabolic rate, the more fat you will be able to burn.

2. Water Makes You Eat Less, Helps in Weight Loss

Water Is Your Weight Loss Miracle -

The body has its own ways of sending messages to the body’s organs. Once you drink a glass or a glass and a half of water (ideal is 500 ml) before meals, you will feel filled enough, helping you eat less.

3. It Makes You Munch Less On Snacks

Water Is Your Weight Loss Miracle -

The first few days of going on a weight loss routine is hard. You will be used to your habit of eating everything and anything. In order to tackle that desire of keep eating more snack and junk, you need to trick your body and mind by drinking water.

The catch here that you are tricking your body with one of the best elements in the universe – water. The benefits of water are much more than just helping you in weight loss.

4. Water Helps In Constipation

Water Is Your Weight Loss Miracle -

The bowel system is largely affected when you shift your diet. If you have a sensitive bowl system, you will experience some issues. However, water will help you in this area as well.

Water helps the body to ease the internal functions and hence, it makes the passing out of stool better. Remember, though, patience is key.

5. The Performance Of Muscles Improve

Water Is Your Weight Loss Miracle -

Intake of water during physical activity is extremely important. Your body would respond to even 3% of fluid loss when you are indulged in physical activities. Whenever you are working out or doing any cardio activity, body sweats. To keep yourself hydrated, required intake of water is crucial.


Note: DO NOT substitute water with a sports drink for “energy” purpose. They have artificial colors, fake sugars, and preservatives that are nothing, but trouble for your body.

Keep these pointers in mind and make sure you start your day with water. Happy clean eating!





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