6 Magical Tricks That Will Make Your Meat Dishes Ultra Delicious This Eid

Eid-ul-Azha is here! And so there will be bar-b’s firing up. Relatives and friends gathering up with various cuisines being served, mostly desi. It will be a meaty affair! All you’ll do is stuff yourself with meat. And maybe later ask for a hajmola because why not? Follow a few of my recipes and tips on this Eid which would be surely helpful for your cuisines.

For Marination Don’t Use Black Pepper


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Before you marinate anything, any meat, let me tell you the deepest darkest secret of the Hotel Industry. For anything you marinate, there is always a basic marination. Mustard (French, Dijon, English but not grainy), lemon juice, ginger and garlic paste, salt and white pepper. Black pepper is never used. That’s your basic marination for beef, lamb, fish, prawns, mutton, veal. You are frying fish, mix these ingredients with the fish, dip in your batter, fry. You are grilling anything, apply these ingredients and you are good to go. Hotels use these ingredients for everything and serve it with a different sauce unless the recipe calls for a certain flavor.

Don’t Fry The Meat


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Always sear the meat. Apply your marination, put the meat on an extremely hot lightly greased pan or a hot platter. Purpose of searing is to lock all the flavors, this will give a nice color to the meat and then when you slow cook it, you don’t end up losing all the flavor. Sear for a couple of minute each side. Give a nice color and cook it slowly. (Lamb/Mutton leg, chops, steaks, chicken)

Garlic Cloves Have The Magic


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Insert garlic cloves inside the meat that requires longer cooking hours. For lamb shank, the longer you cook it, the better. The meat should be falling off the bone.

Meat Needs Rest


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One more point to add in your knowledge is to always give the meat resting time. Resting time is necessary because the flavors and cooking process settles down and can easily be carved.

Don’t Forget To Try These Recipes

Moroccan Harissa


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One recipe that my family loves is Moroccan Harissa chops/mutton leg. It involves blend of spices, dried red chilies (blended with olive oil into a paste) and applied on the meat. Seared to perfection and baked covered in foil till the meat is soft and tender. I don’t use meat tenderizer. I let my oven, do the job.

Namkeen Gosht


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Other recipe which is a different and easy approach is Namkeen Gosht. It is easy to make and tastes divine. This recipe is my mother’s and make people begging for more. All the mutton chops in one pot, seasoned generously with salt with a touch of ginger and garlic (perfect combo in Pakistani cuisine). Fill the pot with water till it covers the meat. Boil it and let it cook slowly till water evaporates. With meat still inside the pot, introduce it to dash of oil and fry on high heat. Your house is going to smell like the perfect roast and meaty and amazing!! With no garam masalas smell kicking in the air, this item is best served on its own. It will be gone in seconds.

Mince Meat In Three Different Styles


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My take on chapli kebabs is too straight forward. Squeezed out mince meat (to get rid of all the water content) is the only difficult job to do. Add in spices ranging from coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dried pomegranate seeds, red chili flakes, turmeric, salt, ground cumin and coriander, khataayi (for that sour kick), finely chopped onion, green chilies, tomatoes (without seeds), fresh coriander, gram flour and eggs. Mix them all together, make patties, grill or fry. I don’t use boxed recipe masalas because I really don’t want to cheat. Never press down your patty without spatula while cooking. Its a big no-no and you are committing a sin. Don’t rush into things.

Try these out and don’t fill your freezers with meat. Share it with the ones you are performing the act for.

Easy on the meat guys and Eid MOO-Barak!!

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