Here Are The Steps We Should Take To Ensure That Our Future Generations Don’t Experience Heatwave Ever

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It’s hot and it’s going to getting hotter this Ramadan. Certain regions of the country have already reached up to 44 degrees Celsius this May. Pakistan needs to be worried! We rank 7th on the Long-Term Climate Risk Index globally. Thousands of lives are lost and the next Ramadan will be more brutal if we don’t take action now.

What can you do?

While millions give out money for charity and conduct charitable acts in Ramadan, perhaps one area of focus and talking point that can have lasting effects for decades, would be Trees. Why Pakistani’s especially in the Urban cities, should focus on trees?

1. Trees can beat the killer Heat

Source: The Spruce

Karachi ranked 3rd in the world for the highest Return on Investment of planting trees to absorb Heat. Faisalabad ranks number 10 on this index. Other cities of Pakistan also have high ROI’s.

2. Trees can defeat Pollution that kills 3.2 Million Annually

Source: Fast read

Karachi has been ranked as the Number 1 city in the world that can achieve the highest Return on Investment by planting trees to absorb particle pollution. Faisalabad ranks number 4 on this index.

3. Trees can Save Electricity and Energy

Source: System Protection

According to research, trees placed strategically around houses or around apartment buildings can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50 percent. By reducing the energy demand for cooling, we carbon dioxide and other pollution emissions are reduced.

How Does It Work?

Source: Opelika Observer

Multiple organizations and educational institutes from Karachi have already started and are collaborating to have strategic city-wide plantations. On the UN International Earth Day, 22nd April 2018 several educational institutes were partnered with several Environmentalists and CEO’s, Directors and Top management from both Government and Private sectors.

Not only did they discuss the importance of this issue, they also took action. They formed teams and planted trees not only at the IoBM campus where they met, but also took back trees to their institutes to plant them and promised to maintain them. People are joining hands and you too can become a part. Every tree counts. One tree gives 18 people oxygen that they badly need!

This Ramadan, Give Some Charity Towards Tree Plantation


Monsoon falls in August-September and will be the ideal season to plant trees. This Ramadan, why not contribute some charity towards tree plantations? (that give assurance of maintaining these trees.) Rather than simply giving cash to hospitals that may be accommodating heat stroke victims this summer; why not put in some real effort and work towards a solution. Why not prevent people from ever having to go to the hospital because of the heat or health issues, to begin with?

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