Most Amazing Wedding Photography Packages You Must Check Out

It takes months and years to plan a wedding, it takes even more effort to select the best venue, arrangements, clothes, food and  other event essentials. But what is it that makes every event, last forever? It’s a photographer! Wedding bells are still ringing everywhere, and to help you capture your best moments, we have compiled a list of top photographers on Facebook, with their package details to save you from researching on the internet and asking around.

Haseeb Amjad/Lighthouse

They are creative, affordable and deliver a more than adequate Product   

Small Events: [2-3 hours] Event coverage 100+ photographs on DVD = Rs 28,000

With Small Storybook album[8 by24] = Rs 35,000
With Large Wedding Book album [12 by 36]= Rs 40,000

Large Events: [3 hours] Grand Event coverage 200+ photographs on DVD = Rs 33,000

With Small Storybook album [8 by 24] = Rs 40,000
With Large Wedding Book album [12 by 36]= Rs 45,000

Extra photographers available on request. They offer video services as well.


source: haseebamjad/lighthouse

Sadia Sarfraz Photography


source: sadiasarfraz

Wedding Graphers

Wedding Photography Package:  3 Hours of Photography with 2 Cameras

           Family Portraits

                On Location Photo Shoot of Bride and Groom, Soft copies of the above pictures = Rs 25, 000/day


source: weddinggraphers

 This Modern Love By Sitwat Rizvi

A modern take on a classic event, they are very innovative with their photography styles

Rs 50-100,000 per day


The Wedding Engineers

An affordable alternative, get all the necessities of a weeding photographer without it being to heavy on your pocket.

The Wedding photography package:  digital album = Rs 25,000

                                                                                                         pasting album = Rs 18,000


source: weddingengineers

 Plum Weddings

Signature Plum Package Is One Of The Best Packages Out there 

Event Photography: Rs. 35000/- per day

Bridal Photo-shoot: Rs. 50,000/- (Signature Shoot by Farhan Lashari)

Plum Assistants Package:

Event Photography: Rs. 20,000/– per day, Travel and accommodation will be charged separately for events outside Lahore.

Photo-shoot: Rs. 25,000/- (Photoshoot by Team Plum)


source: plumweddings

 Nehal Zafar

They will give you exactly what you need, you can pick and choose the facilities you want to enjoy  

Rs 30,000 per day. Packages are open for customization.

Event management service is available as well.


source: Nehalzafar

 Usman Khan

Affordable and practical, “Usman Khan Photographers” will give you a classic experience for a affordable fee   


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