Here Are 7 Things You Should Know Before Dating A ‘Cancerian’

Cancerians are considered as the most challenging Zodiac signs to get to know. They are deeply intuitive, sentimental, sensitive, caring and very concerned about their family and friends. They are loyal to the people who are close to them and avoid those who can generate conflicts. When it comes to a relationship, Cancerians always choose open-minded, trustworthy and loving people as their partner.

What other traits do Cancerians look for? Keep reading!

1. All They Need Is Quality Time

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Cancer has Moon as its Zodiac planet and water as Zodiac element and, that’s why they are cool and calm from the inside. They never go for get-togethers or birthday parties until someone special is coming there for them. They prefer quality over quantity whenever they get some time with that special one.

2. Cancerian Puts Others Before Themselves

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If you need something and ask a Cancerian for help, they will bend backward to earth so that you’ll get that. Cancerians give high regard to people with whom they are attached to in any way.

3. They Are Born Foodies!

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Yes, you read that right. Where are the best parathas available in Karachi and how to make a plain white pasta more cheesy? They know EVERYTHING!!!

4. Home Is The Best Place For Them

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Cancer is a home-based Zodiac sign and they can’t stay away from their family. Cancerians are family-oriented people and look for the same too.

5. Their Mood Swings Are Confusing!

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Cancerians tend to go through emotional ups and downs as water is the signature element of this horoscope. They try their level best to keep their emotions to themselves but when the flood breaks the barriers, it directly affects the closed ones of Cancerians. And well, they have to deal with their mood swings!

6. Yes, Cancerians Are Possessive About Their Relations

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Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer which is the reason why they possess motherly traits. They can do anything for their mates but they have their own fear and insecurities. Even if they forget that they are going to hurt them for not giving personal space.

7. They Often Hide Their True Feelings

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Cancers are true listeners; discuss your problems and you will get the possible solution and advice from them. However, they never share what they feel about others. Most of the time, Cancerians hide their feeling under a lock and key.

Most people think that Cancerians are short-tempered like Scorpions but you have to get to know them first. They are amazing people who respect relationships more than anything. So, if you are planning to be in a relationship with a Cancerian, be prepared for a roller coaster ride!

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