Here Are 6 Things Everyone Should Demand In Their Partner

In most of the relationships today, people are more interested in regular things than important things. A message to show your concern, a two minutes talk after a hectic day, a candlelight dinner or just a perfume bottle wrapped in funky gift sheet is all your partner need during the normal daily routine.

On the other hand, some love gurus, after spending years on research demonstrate that the demand and expectations of a person vary from another one. If a romantic date is very special for someone, the other will see it just as a basic tradition of every relationship. So, before the relationship gets worst or you start making a list of disastrous things just within a few months of your relationship, here are a few things you should look for in your partner. Because everyone deserves the best!

1. Love With Respect

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It is said that ‘true love comes from inside the soul’ which means that saying ‘I Love You’ all the day isn’t enough. And love never comes alone, it brings respect with it as well. Respecting the opinion, thoughts, ideas of your partners show your love even if you disagree with them.

2. Equality In EVERYTHING

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If hanging out with opposite-sex friends is not okay for you, according to your partner then the same rule should be implied on the significant other as well. Never sit relax over the double standard criteria.

3. Happiness, Joy, Laughters!

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Living a happy life is your right. So, if you are feeling dull and your significant other made your day by cracking lame jokes or bring you to some cafe, never let that person go!

4. Some Space, Obviously!

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It is the basic requirement of every individual to have some space. If your partner doesn’t understand that when you need a hug or when it is ‘me’ time for you, think about your relationship again!

5. How Do We Forget To Mention ‘Support’?

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They should help you in the right decision or take a stand against something, whether is about moving abroad for career or leaving the job for some purpose. But yes, the support isn’t worthy until it comes to the practice. If your right decision is getting wrong, they should call you out back!

6. No Hatred At All

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The real partner is the one who never discusses the past mistakes in the present disagreements. Your partner is human too and can slip up once in a while. But if it is happening every next day and your past mistakes keep getting thrown at you, this isn’t the person for you.

So, if your partner doesn’t possess these things, give him/her some time otherwise be single and ready to mingle!

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