Here Are 6 Reasons Why Your VISA Tends To Get Rejected!

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It’s a perfect sunny day (as it usually is), and while trying to beat the heat with UPS or generator, you dream of spending the coming days or weeks somewhere abroad where the mercury isn’t that high? Your family is excited too, and you are all engrossed in planning to soak up the mild sun in Europe or the airy sandy beaches of California.

You have also decided what you’re going to wear on our flight. You are filled with excitement to even think of getting a much-needed holiday with your family. What stands between you and your dreams is that highly awaited and much anticipated, as well as, the dreaded reply from the visa office. Would it be a yes or a no? You can’t wait, and you’re pacing all day keeping your cell phone with you – in case they would email or call. And sadly, your heart along with your dreams of a getaway from the sultry heat is crushed as they reject your visa.

While lovingly stroking your perfect flight dress and beach accessories, you think WHY ME, WHY?!

Here are a few reasons why visas generally get rejected.

1. Your Age


Generally, US, Canada, and European countries have enough of the Asian citizens slipping in with visit visas they have developed a habit of considering your age when reviewing a permit. University graduates and college pass outs are the ones who are mostly expected to deceive and stay longer than their visa duration. Also, they have had cases where these people have gone on visit visas and stayed there and married a citizen of that country! Forced marriages for a visa have also surmounted troubles for Pakistani nationals.

Therefore, if you fall into this age bracket and want to minimize the chances of visa rejection, don’t apply alone. Apply with your family – this shows strong family ties, which is the next on the list.

2. Family Ties


Ever heard of what family ki aunties always say about the boys – shadi kardo iski. Khud hee theek hojaega. It is where the US, UK, or other such countries have taken inspiration from. If you’ve shown in weak family ties in Pakistan in your visa application, your rejection chances are high. They consider a family person lesser of a threat than a bachelor. So, your father might be able to get the visa with your family compared to you applying alone.

3. Travel History

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Just like you consider every scenario where your friends have taken money from you and never returned before lending them anything again – visa officers do the same. They look how much of an avid traveler you are. If you’ve traveled a lot of places and behaved well – including your return and not prolonging your stay than the time granted on the visa, they are most likely to like you.

If you’ve previously traveled somewhere and stayed longer than the visa duration, you’re in troubled waters.

4. Your Income

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If the source of income that is going to support you on your trip is not sufficient for a return ticket and more or less two days of stay, chances are; your visa might be added to the rejected list.

5. How you availed the previous visas?

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Applying for, getting visas, and not traveling on them are considered to be rude! If you’ve done something like this, you might want to reconsider applying.

6. Suspicious bank balance

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Mostly, people think showing high piles of savings in your bank account might do the job for your visa acceptance. It is not true in most of the cases. A steady bank balance is what they look for when considering issuing a visa.

A sudden increase in your bank account is enough to make them suspicious. So, show them a steady bank balance or let the finances justify the increased number of zeros your account balance suddenly shows. Not the kind of solace you might be looking for when having a rejected visa in your hands along with shattered dreams, but these pointers might be helpful in the future.

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