Here are 5 Spiritual Advice You Need To Hold Onto This Ramadan

Spiritual Advice on Ramadan

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There’s a whole lot more to the month of Ramadan than pakora jokes, iftaar parties, and obsessing over Eid’s ‘joray’.

Here are 5 Spiritual Advice on Ramadan trinkets that’ll make you introspect and gain the ultimate during this divine month.

1. Keep Your Intentions Focused To Allah Only

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It has become a norm to share our emotions, happiness, sorrows, and experiences on social media. Although, that is solely every individual’s personal choice; it is vital that the good deeds and Spiritual Advice on Ramadan which you perform are not shared with people. Keep your intentions focused; desire praise for your actions solely from Allah and not from people because it is only Allah who can reward you.

2. Compete With Your Own Self Only

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Keep a close watch out for your ‘pride’ meter’s activity. The moment that thought crosses your mind, “Look at all the good deeds and spiritual acts I am performing in comparison to everyone else!” is when you need to immediately pull the brakes. The only person you are in competition with when it comes to faith is your own self. You can never be too sure which of your efforts were wholly accepted by Allah, stay humble.

3. Encourage The Efforts Of Those Who Are Striving To Better Themselves In Ramadan


Humanize yourself and leave the judging to Allah. If those who you saw sinning and not being the best version of themselves throughout the year are now striving to better themselves during the holy month of Ramadan; do not shove them off the straight path with negative or taunting comments. Take their hand tenderly and encourage their efforts.

4. Set A Plan For Ramadan


Islam is a way of life, it provides guidelines that make life peaceful and fulfilling. It is our weak conscience bad habits and sins which cause us physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discomfort. This Ramadan while you’re aiming to revive your Islamic lifestyle; identify, reflect and set a game plan to eradicate a bad habit of yours. May it be cussing, back-biting, lashing out in anger, or irregular prayers; pick one to toss away for good!

5. Don’t Restrict The Blessings Of Ramadan To The Last Ten Days Only

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Ramadan is the month where Allah has granted us Laylatul-Qadar to change our destinies. But that does not mean all of our efforts to make our wishes come true should restrictedly be focused on the last 10 nights of Ramadan. No wish is too complicated for the Almighty Allah; you have the entire month of Ramadan to revive your connection and communication with Allah to ask Him for all that you desire in both this world and the hereafter.

Have a blessed month ahead, Ameen!

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