Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Google Your Symptoms

Who wouldn’t like a doctor who is available 24/7, is smart, free of cost and knows everything!

Well yes… you have guessed it right! It is none other than the famous Dr.Google. Be it a nasty pimple that popped out of nowhere to sudden headaches, it has become a habit to consult Dr.Google ASAP in our daily lives!

As reliable as the internet is, be it chest pains or a headache it will always diagnose symptoms as a heart attack or a brain tumor. So we came out of some reasons as to why you should ‘never’ google your symptoms!

1. The diagnosis may not be reliable at all!

As much as Google knows everything, when it comes to health it’s a big NO NO! The symptoms that you might have entered into the search engine may not even be entirely close to the diagnosis.

2. The sources may not be authentic

The source of the websites stating the illness may not be reliable at all! There is a reason why doctors spend all that money and years to get their degrees. So, never trust your symptom checkers on random websites nor trust them!

3. You could freak yourself out

That is the worst thing you could do to yourself because it might scare you with something that you might not even have.

4. You may delay getting real help

At times, a trip to the real doctor is essential as per the intensity of the symptoms and you may delay it considering it as a nonserious thing.

5. You may end up misdiagnosing yourself

With all the conflicting information present on the internet, you may end up believing that you have a certain illness and start self-medication that may have dire consequences.

It is always important that doctors are consulted and medication is taken as prescribed by them. One should always be careful and shouldn’t simply trust everything on the web related to health issues as it can cause a nightmare and evoke further anxiety.

Let us know us about your experiences with Dr.Google, in the comments below!

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