Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Think IoBM Is A Party Place

The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) is home to thousands of students in Karachi. It holds a significant name for being a reputable institution releasing high qualified and aspiring graduates every year.

The institution qualifies among the likes of a few accountable institutions in the country for students looking to pursue a promising career. IoBM is no doubt a credible name for an enviable future every student dreams of.

Besides finishing a race apart in academics, IoBM has a good number of nonscholastic activities that have conspired for its reputation.

So, here’s why we think IoBM is a party place:

1. Usually, a minute doesn’t pass without a student mentioning the word, “party”, “event” or “fun”

If you come to think what is the thing pupil of IoBM are best at, you just don’t want to miss partying. How quickly they scramble towards having fun in almost anything is beyond comprehension. They simply know how to have the best parties and why not, isn’t it too boring to just be sober about life all the time? You are here to have fun as well, guys and people at IoBM realize it well.

2. It is flocked with potential artists and creative heads who realize their potential after studying something out of their interests

The institute is full of these people. The way they spend most of their time is not entirely focusing on their business major. They tend to realize their true potential here which they never even had a slight hint about before. They allocate most of their time and concentration in rather pursuing those interests, which is why we see too many people going crazy about partying and socializing as their way of having a life at the university. You could almost count the people who are IoBM graduates and have career prospect in absolutely divergent fields.

3. People here excel in throwing the best parties

Want some advice on how to throw an event or party? Ask IoBM alumni. Seriously, they know what they are doing and their parties are nothing like anything. They incorporate some of the most creative and diverse ideas of throwing parties. They indeed set the standards that others seem to take inspiration from. If you study in IoBM then you know your university has hosted plenty of cool parties. It’s all by the management of students who take a deep interest in throwing events.

4. Their entrepreneurial activities pretty much revolve around entertainment or recreational gatherings

They have a dedicated society for aspiring entrepreneurs called, “ICE – IoBM Club for Entrepreneurs” which organizes business activities after scrutinizing the expertise of its members. They incorporate leading brands and organize various campaigns that remain a subject of much interest. Lately, they organized a food festival called, “Chatkhara Festival” that was aimed to showcase the best of Pakistani food.

The prominent food entrepreneurs at the university hosted the event that allowed them a first-hand experience of executing their strategies into a whole business module. It allowed them a great insight of what works and tends to stands out in the competitive market. It is pretty much clear that the typical sense of socializing is found in all things these people aim to do.

5. Events, events, and events

The first day of the new semester and you are already discussing the plan of your next event. People here like to pursue their interests in a rather practical way than conventional, which is why they always have many events.

Whether it be convocations, orientations, entrepreneurial activities or anything alike, this university is a place buzzing with events that you certainly do not want to miss. How many IoBM graduates you know who seem to manage the best events?

If you are an alumnus or study at the university, you may well resonate with us. IoBM is a whole institution itself that cannot be matched in its unique aspects.

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