Here Are 5 Fantastic Tricks Pakistanis Can Use To Get 10x More Matches on Tinder!

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Dating in Pakistan is considered as a taboo and a shameful act. However, it is still very common in our young generation. Nowadays, people do it, but they just don’t give it a name of dating.

Like other countries, Pakistani public is also not much behind in using dating apps. Among the sea of dating apps, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there. Being a founder of the first dating app of Pakistan, I almost researched all the dating apps to find out the app which has the most active female users in Pakistan. Among all these apps, I found Tinder, the most active dating app used by females.

Research on Tinder


My research was not only to find out the one which has the most active female users, but I was also looking to find out how to get maximum matches on Tinder so that I can craft the best features for my dating app. I had already heard reviews from my friends that how useless this Tinder app is? According to most of my friends, they hardly ever get matched to someone on Tinder. Therefore, I had to dig deeper into my research to create the best dating app for Pakistan. The game is on!

1st Try

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At first, I went with all the usual things in which I put some good-looking photos of me and that’s it. Good to go!

Result: There was not even a single match that week.

2nd Try

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After this big disappointment, I went through some articles and applied the tricks gained by them. Most common among them was to complete your profile like your bio, photos and your job.

Result: Single Match a Week… Nice. My confidence improved as I started seeing the results. However, it was slow, and I almost missed the best users.

3rd Try

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It was time to game up. I had to go beyond those common tricks. I had to find out what actually attracts the Pakistani female users. After dozens of trials, I finally got 10x frequency of matches.  Hence, what were the tricks that worked for me?

Trick 1

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First of them is to upload your photos in DSLR quality without your friends. It should be your solo picture. Don’t confuse the user that she has to guess who actually the person really is. Secondly, your photo should be natural. Don’t pose too much. Positive and humorous vibes should come from your photo.

Trick 2

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Secondly; connect your Instagram account with your Tinder profile. It provides a genuine appeal to your profile and 10x more trust. As in Pakistan, fake profile culture is very common.

Trick 3

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This trick is a very common one. Next, write your bio in a funny and humorous way. Your words should be genuine and out of the box. Don’t copy paste from the internet. Your aim should be to make her smile when she reads your bio. The main reason behind this is that every girl wants some engagement. Cold response and attitude will turn her off.

Trick 4

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Don’t swipe left on photos of girls who don’t have a real photo. There is a very high probability that there can be a gorgeous girl behind that fake photo. She can be just too shy and afraid of the people around her that may judge her on this act. Following these tricks, you will start getting matches 10x more than before!

Trick 5

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So after receiving a flood of matches, there is still one challenge left. How to get her number and ask her out? So, first thing is that do not rush. Always start a conversion with something other than Hi or Hey. It is a turn off for most girls unless she is a “paindoo”. Start with, “Guess how many times I’ve had to swipe left to find you?”, You can even try something serious if your personality reflects that. For instance, sometimes girls are so bold that they ask you to shut up and ask for your phone number.

Perfect Right!

Alright, boys, it’s your turn to shine perfect your game on Tinder. These are proven and tested tricks. Warning, these tricks can make your matches 20x more if you are Fawad Khan or Hamza Ali Abbasi.

In the last, I want to tell my readers what I learned from this research and experiment that how this can be a valuable lesson for marketers and job seekers. I take Tinder as a platform where you are selling your image. It is similar to applying for a job. For example, to get a job, you have to put your best portfolio on the resume; you have to write your objective very clear as a recruiter will take a glance to judge you. Similarly, in Tinder, you upload your best photos, write different and unique bio which can make you stand from the rest.

If you got a match in Tinder after reading this article then do comment below, or share your experience on dating apps in Pakistan.

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