Here Are 4 Simple Tips To Help You Study If You’re Losing Focus

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Are you one of those who want to study? Do you keep thinking that you should study but you always end up doing nothing? Don’t worry, I am one of those too. Do you think that you’re going to study hard this semester and score the highest? Do you want to beat your friend who keeps showing off their higher grades? But you can’t do anything about it because Netflix doesn’t let you do so? DON’T WORRY! I’ll help you.

Here is all you need to do if you want to study.

1. Maintain your discipline


You might be motivated at the moment but then you think that television is stopping you from studying? You’re wrong. Do you think that everyone used to study/do their work sincerely before the invention of television or the internet? The answer is simply NO. So the actual problem is not with technology but YOU. Stay disciplined. This sounds boring but trusts me it works. Rise early and ask yourself do you actually want to score more than your rude friend who always keeps showing off or not? You’ll automatically wake up early.

2. Don’t make timetables

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This sounds crazy, but trust me it’s not. Don’t make timetables. They’re actually useless. I always think of making timetables and at the end of the day, I throw them in the bin. Don’t you? Timetable won’t work so don’t waste your time doing so. Instead, plan your day in your mind and include all those exciting activities which make you happy. In this way, you’ll be motivated and will start your day with full energy that’ll keep longer.

3. Drink Water


Lots of water and water and more water! Sometimes it may feel as though your brain is completely fried while it’s understandable—all of the heavy course load that comes along with being an online student can make you feel like a zombie—there is no time to zone out when you are in the middle of taking a test, need to buckle down and finish an assignment, or need to focus on audio and video lectures. However, research suggests that an excellent way to get that wheel in your head turning is to simply drink a glass of water before and after class—this will help improve your concentration skills and will aid in information retention.

4. Don’t fix your study hours

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Never fix your study hours. This will make your routine boring and you’ll get demotivated. Choose things that are a little bit interesting and choose your topics wisely. Short and interesting topics will keep you motivated and will help you to keep on your track. Study for one hour and then take a break. Do something that makes you happy in that break and then continue again. But don’t start watching movie and dramas because they’ll keep you stick to it for longer and you’ll stop studying.

5۔ Try new things!

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If you think that you’re becoming a bookworm and not doing anything else, try making new friends and start studying with them. Group study is a good way to clear your concepts but don’t completely rely on it. Because you’ll always end up laughing and eating. That’s true 😛

6. Take it to another level

Source: Association for Psychological Science

Everyone has got some way of passing time you must have got one too like FIFA, Cricket outside, or any other game. Do play that with max intensity with some really worthy opponents who will give you a tough time. You will lose. Now you will feel frustrated. Just store them. Adding fuel to the flames call some of your nerdy friends.

Ask them how many chapters have they completed (  they will ask you before you do!!). Frustration reaches the threshold level. About to explode just sit down take a deep breath. You will realize that there is just one thing where you can prove your brilliance ( unfortunately ! We live in such an era) study !! Grab a book. Start reading take breaks every hour for 5 minutes. Do not watch television during that break as hours might seem like minutes!!

This works for me. Hope it does the same for you!! Always keep it in mind that a healthy competition never hurts!

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