Here Are 3 Different Ways Girls Can Use Potatoes To Make Their Hair Long And Shiny

Hair are said to be the crown of your head and if you are a student or office going person, one of the toughest things is to handle your hair with care.

The after effects results are obvious – hair loss, damage, dandruff, and split ends. We all have a miraculous vegetable in our kitchen (you would really don’t know that) which can be used to solve all the hair problems: Potato!

Here are the three outclass homemade remedies made from potatoes for your hair:

1. For Shiny Hair: Use Potato With Honey


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Grind potatoes in a food processor. When done, put this mixture in the muslin cloth to get the juice. Add an egg yolk and 1tsp honey in it. Mix the ingredients finely, apply on your hair for 30 minutes and rinse with the regular shampoo.

2. For Dandruff Free Hair: Use Potato And Yogurt


Source: India Times

After grating two small potatoes, squeeze them in a bowl to get their juice. Add one tbsp yogurt and one tsp lemon juice in it.

Make a smooth mixture and apply on your scalp like a hair mask, especially reaching the roots for 30-40 minutes. Now wash it off with your regular mild shampoo.

Yogurt itself is good for the oil-free scalp and can be used as a hair conditioner anytime. You can use yogurt with eggs for dull hair

3. For Lengthy Hair: Use Potato With Aloe Vera

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Source: How to Help Acne

Grate three potatoes and get their juice. Addition to this, add one tsp of aloe vera gel in it. Make a mask by mixing up the both things, apply then on the hair tips.

After 30-40 minutes wash with lukewarm water. Aloe vera is a natural cleanser which helps your hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp and reduces hair fall.

Repeat the procedure twice in a week for better results.

Potatoes are readily ingredient available in everyone’s kitchen all the time. If the other ingredients are not available, you can simply use the juice of Potato for spa-like treatment at home.

Ladies, it is time to stop complaining about hair loss and dandruff. Go and grab the potatoes, but not for making fries, girls. For the sake of making your hair better.



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