Here Are 10 LEGIT Reasons To Convince You To Watch ‘Suno Chanda’

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‘Suno Chanda’ was a perfect drama that literally melted the hearts of the audience in Ramazan. If you haven’t watched it yet then you are surely missing out all the fun. The adorable characters of the drama fit into the story so naturally that it overwhelms the viewers. The flawless humor will collapse you in fits of laughter and trust me on this, you will end up falling in love with the entire cast.

Here are the TEN reasons to convince you to binge watch the entire show:

1. Arsal and Jiya will give you the best friends goals

The story revolves around two best friends who are perfect crime partners but they hate being life partners. They fight over everything but believe me, they will give you the goals for your friendship.

2. Sherry’s Smile will take your heart away

Shehryar is a heartthrob and is the perfect character to crush on. He always helps Jiya and is very understanding.

3. The sweet nokk-jhonk between Agha jee and Bee-Jaan is worth watching

The graceful Bee-Jaan never misses an opportunity to taunt Agha jee who responds politely.

4. Let’s Not forget the ‘Medicine Box’ of Nazakat Ali

Nazakat Ali (Father of Jiya) is a person who just cannot survive without his medicine box.

5. Sweet Heart DJ Will give you the ‘Breaking News’

A cutie kiddo is always ready with his phone’s camera to get the latest gossip.

6. Shano’s Punjabi is worth listening

Shahana aka Shanno is always searching for the Nawa Kattas and her expressions are so perfect according to the situations.

7. Kinza’s caring but Meesna Attitude

This simple looking girl is in love with Arsal and strongly desires that the wedding of Arsal and Jiya gets canceled.

8. Billo Jee Ki Adaieen

You will see this lady who is heartbroken as she wasn’t able to marry Arsal’s Father. She is her Khala’s (Bee-Jaan) favorite. Inka lehrata hua paranda is <3.

9. ‘Plans’ By Masooma phupho

You have got to believe on phupho ki chalakiyian. She is playing all the right cards to ensure that Shahana cancels the wedding of Arsal and Jiya.

10. Jiya will give you some serious career goals

Guys, this brave girl is ready to sacrifice her marriage so that she could pursue her education goals.

I really hope that you are now convinced to watch the entire show and if you have watched it before then I hope that you loved the quick summary of the show. Let us know if you have more to add.

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