Hema Malini’s Driver Turns Out To Be Salman Khan’s Biggest Fan

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For all the Salman Khan fans out there, highlighting the Hema Malini accident and drawing an analogy with the Salman Khan ‘hit-and-run’ controversy – here’s a little something . . .

After Salman Khan was held responsible for the death of a homeless man sleeping on the street after being hit by Salman’s vehicle as a result of drunk driving; a massive uproar was caused. But not bigger than the one that resulted when he received bail after being declared guilty and 13 years of agonizing court trips. However, Hema Malini’s driver too has received bail after he negligently caused the death of a 4 year old child- Sonam Hanuman, much like the case of the famous Khan. Where is the hype about that? Is the matter supposed to be hushed because Hema is a bigger star than Salman? Or because the driver is just a ‘poor common man?’


In the words of the 4 year old victim’s (Sonam Hanuman) father, ‘had Sonam been provided medical assistance as promptly as the star, his child would have survived.’ However, due to the time lapse between the accident and following delay in sending her to a district hospital, rather than the private hospital to which Hema was sped to, a significant amount  of precious time was lost during which the child lost the battle of life and death.


‘Ghalti Ki Hai – Saza Miley Gi’

But then on the other hand – for all those thinking Hema Milini is directly responsible for the accident as she could have demanded the driver not to over-speed or be more diligent, the entire blame cannot and should not be attributed to her solely JUST because she is famous and it is a chance for people to defame her and drag her down from the high pedestal they otherwise place celebrities of her caliber on.


What is important to remember is the fact that just because someone is famous doesn’t automatically make them any less human or immune to accidents. And neither is it fair to inflict a greater punishment on them solely for that reason – their stardom!

On the contrary, letting them get away with whatever wrong they do just because they are loved by millions is no excuse either.


(Hema’s Mercedes with minimal damage)


(The victims car )


(Salman’s car after the accident)

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