Monsters In DG Khan Make Dogs Wrestle A Helpless Jackal & They Tear It Into Pieces

DG Khan Dogs Jackal wrestle

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this story disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Cases of animal abuse often go overlooked and people do not even bat an eyelid over the pain caused to innocent animals. Recently, another case of a helpless jackal has come to the limelight. Poor jackal was left to be torn to pieces by dogs who were intentionally set free by a group of monstrous men in DG Khan to wrestle.

Abusing and mercilessly killing poor animals has become disgustingly common these days and it is happening everywhere. In every nook and cranny. However, to our dismay, there exist no stringent laws in Pakistan to condemn animal abuse. No why wonder why such cases continue to be on the surge.

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On social media, we have witnessed animals being tortured to death. Burnt in zoos and also kept alive in miserable living conditions. In fact, even during the lockdown, many animals also perished due to hunger and thirst. Sadly, Pakistan is one of the few countries around the world with obsolete animal laws, which allows people to torture animals with impunity.

For any country to progress, it must urgently introduce and implement stringent animal rights laws. However, we do not see that happening any time soon in the future.

The recent incident took place in Jallo Wali, in the city and capital of Taunsa Tehsil of Dera Ghazi Khan District in Punjab. A group of men set loose a couple of dogs to wrestle and tear apart a helpless jackal in DG Khan.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Watch the horrific video here

According to ‘Save the Wild,’ there is no point in contacting the staff in DG Khan. They tried contacting them and informing them of the heinous incident.

However, they laughed it off. In fact, as per them, in Punjab, killing jackal by any means is declared legal.

Such ignorance is not acceptable. Nonetheless, the atrocity persists.

Earlier, a tweet by the ‘Save the wild’ organization illustrated a hunting incident that occurred in Dera Ismail (DI) Khan District, KPK. It showed many sparrows killed by a group of men for hunting. Also, in another incident, a raptor was seen as being subjected to extreme torture in Punjab.

We have recently witnessed a rise in animal centers in Pakistan, such as Todd’s Welfare Society and others of its kind. This shows a growing empathy and concern for animals in the general populace. All around the world government policies protect animals from senseless cruelty and harm but this seems not to be the case in Pakistan.

Poor, stray dogs are every now and then subjected to mass extermination and barbarism by people. A few years ago, about 900 dogs were poisoned in Karachi, and their bodies were dumped in the streets. Every now and then, helpless dogs are shot dead for absolutely no reason.

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