People Are Helping this American Girl Who Wants to Visit Karachi and Reunite with Her Husband!

They say love has no boundaries. Maybe they are right and it still exists somewhere among people. While we are too caught up in our lives, busy schedules, the mainstream news about politics and social scenario, there’s quite a couple who are on the look for writing a memorable story of their lives and have enlisted you and me for help.

Regan Anderson, a US citizen, is trying to raise funds so that she can travel to Karachi and meet her husband

Source: Regan Anderson | Facebook

Her husband goes by the name Ali Umer. He visited the United States in order to attend a family wedding, just last year. There he met Regan, who happens to be a Creative Director and runs a venture in Dallas, Texas. Her work circles around organizing art shows and calling out artists for business consultation.

While Ali, he is a student at the Ziauddin Medical University in Karachi.

Ali and Regan, after spending summer traveling together decided to get married in Dallas, TX

Now, in order to reunite with her husband Ali, Regan is trying to raise funds so that she could fund her travel expense and the rest. The couple is looking to accumulate around $2,000 and has enlisted people on the social media in order to help them. Such a great idea, isn’t it? Regan cannot wait to travel Karachi and meet Ali’s family here since they could not come to the United States for some reason.

Source: Fund My Travel

Ali and Regan are trying to raise funds online and many people seem to be helping them. If you wish to make Regan see her husband any time soon then follow this link, read her story and/or donate.

Here’s what Regan Anderson has to say about it:

When I started the page initially I was unsure if anything would come of it. About 75% of my donations came from Pakistani citizens. Ali’s family and friends have been very supportive and welcoming. I think people know love when they see it and that inspires them, so they send their help and support.

I’m very excited to go to Karachi. It has always been a dream to travel the world and experience different cultures. I am hoping to take lots of pictures and show my friends and family the good side of Pakistan and dispel preconceived notions or prejudices American people may have. I’m hoping to check out the Himalayas too if possible during my trip.

We are so happy to see this couple. We hope Regan could make it soon! Let’s also hope that she loves Karachi and our city proves to be a great host. 🙂

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