This Ambitious Girl Fought The Odds And Needs Our Help To Achieve Her Dreams

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My friend Nayab Ali has been admitted to a summer program at The Prestigious Princeton University for this Summer 2017 but because of lack of funds, she might not be able to take this opportunity.

Nayab Ali really deserves this. If you don’t believe me, you can have a look at her profile. She has a bunch of huge achievements in her past including the fact that she’s been a Ted Ex-Speaker and an Exchange student for YES.

Pakistan has a huge number of talented students; needless to say, some circumstances and some obstacles don’t let them come forward. But we won’t let this happen. Parhlo has given us a platform from which we can spread news and help others and we respect Parhlo and its team immensely for it.

A few days back Parhlo helped Aurangzeb Shah to complete his funds for An Ivy League University with your help. Today, I’d like to request you all to help Nayab Ali in every possible way you can. It would be really kind of you if you people help her raise funds.

Those who are fighting all the obstacles and facing them bravely with all their hard work, deserve good things in life. I’m sure team Parhlo and you guys will help Nayab Ali achieve all her dreams!

This is the link to her fundraiser ( Be the beacon of light in someone’s darkness.

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