Another Lollypop! HEC Vows To Solve Students’ Issues After Backlash

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In response to continuous complaints regarding the low quality of online courses offered by the universities, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has once again addressed the issue through Twitter.

#ShameonHEC and #BanOnlineClasses have been trending on social media for quite some while now. Students have been bashing universities for the poor quality of education. They are also pointing fingers at the HEC for not taking any action to resolve their issue.

However, the HEC replied back to all the criticisms on Tuesday and claimed they could hear every problem ‘loud and clear’. They also shared what they are doing to cope up with the situation.

“We are helping Universities set up proper systems for online learning. If they do not have a functional system, they have been asked to suspend online classes. Guidelines have been issued to Universities. The VC must personally certify each course and make sure it is “online ready,” HEC said in a statement.

But, the education commission is still figuring out solutions regarding weak internet connectivity. Or, students who belong to rural areas and don’t have access to modern technologies. 

There’s also uncertainty about exams and how students will be assessed if educational institutes aren’t able to conduct the examinations.

Students not happy with HEC’s approach

Earlier, the HEC had decided to direct higher education institutes to halt online lectures until the requisite conditions are met. However, they have been still conducting their classes. They are trying to wind up their semester, caring less about the students and the quality of education.

Moreover, universities are also threatening students to not take part in any social media campaigns against the institutions or disciplinary action will be taken against them. In this crisis, they are making policies of their choices without being concerned about the students’ future.

When the HEC is working to improve online classes, students aren’t too convinced with the idea of virtual classes. They are saying that they have tried enough and now they just want HEC to give them a semester break.

Meanwhile, the HEC has collected information regarding the concerns raised on social media. On the Internet access issues, consultations are in place with Internet service providers Telcos and software experts to identify solutions.

Online education is not easy in Pakistan

March was a crucial time for students preparing for the upcoming matriculation and Cam­bridge examinations. However, in a country like Pakistan shifting to online education was not easy. Hundreds of students have already lodged complaints on Prime Minister’s Portal with regard to the quality of instruction and poor internet connectivity.

“Pakistan is not a tech-savvy country which is one of the major reasons we are having problems in the education sector after the pandemic caused a countrywide shutdown,” said Noman Ansari, a senior lecturer at Riphah International University, Islamabad.

The idea of online education is not new and has been providing education to millions of people in the world. However, the education system in Pakistan is still far behind to adopt it and now the truth has been exposed.


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