Just Like The Year Before Last, Karachi May Suffer From A Severe Heatstroke This Year As Well!

Aggressive heat alongside high percentage of humidity, the heatwave might visit Karachi once again according to a number of weather sources.

It is just the beginning of Summer season and Karachi is already drenched in the sweat of this season. With the last weather forecast being 37 degree Celsius, the city is under the shadow of almost 38% humidity and 0% precipitation and it is just the beginning.

According to a number of reports, the cause of this year’s heatstroke in Karachi might be due to the fact that a thousands of trees have been axed down in the development of Green Line – Karachi’s metro buses.


According to a report, the government promised to plant at least 9500 new trees as a replacement of those which were chopped down during the construction of Green Line and other corporate ventures.

“Green Line Nae Greenery Hee Khatam Kardi”

At this very crucial point, it is necessary for the residents to also come out and take stand in planting greenery in order to survive the unbearable heatstroke. Here’s the report shared by TV news channel:

While the city enjoyed the blessing of rain just once in the Summers of 2016, it is better to keep the precautionary measures related to heatstroke in mind. Following are some tips you must follow in this year’s Summers:

1. Save Water And Electricity


One of the major causes of last year’s heatstroke in Karachi was due to an abrupt usage of electricity and water. While this year’s concern revolving around heatstroke is around trees, the residents need to keep a proper check on other impacting elements such as water and electricity.

2. Plant More Trees/Plants


Primarily, nothing will make the situation less painful if residents take a step ahead and play their role in planting greenery in the city. Play a role in providing the earth with its natural air conditioner and see how conditions become less painful in Karachi.

3. Provide Support To Heatwave Relief Centers


A number of Karachiites lost their lives due to the heatwave that struck the city in 2015. A number of relief camps were made in order to help the citizens. Make sure you play your role in funding/providing them with the necessities that are needed to control or help in this crucial situation.

Heatwaves are life threatening. While this report claims that Karachi will be in the wrath of heatwave once again, it is better to start taking necessary steps in order to save lives of hundreds.

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