‘I Recited Kalima In His Ears As I Said Bye To Faisal’: Wife Pens Emotional Letter After Husband Dies

'I Am Holding Your Hand, You Can Go Now' A Heart Breaking Story Of COVID-19 Victim's Wife

COVID-19 is unforgiving and unforgivable. It has taken several precious lives and affected many. We hear news about casualties in its wake so much that we have gotten unbearably accustomed to it.

The death toll, on the whole, might not be affecting you but this story will.

On May 16th, Sheemaa Tariq took to Facebook to share the heart-wrenching story about how she lost her beloved husband to COVID-19 and how despite everything she had the courage to let go.

She started off by stating “On Friday, 15th May 2020, at 7:30 PM, on a Holy night, in the last precious 10 days of Ramzan, during the hours of Asr, my beloved husband took his final journey from this world to his Creator, after battling COVID-19 for 5 weeks in a critical state.”

In spite of her tremendous loss she didn’t forget to pay due credit to the doctors daily gambling with their lives battling COVID-19, nursing staff, and administration who provided her husband the best of care they could’ve offered.

“He was provided with the best treatment possible, was given the best nursing care with so much love and respect. Not a single moment did I have to worry about his treatment. They didn’t leave a single stone unturned.”

The journey was as difficult as the end

“It wasn’t an easy battle. It gives me immense pride that he fought it all by himself and with great strength and grace but Allah had different plans for him. Indeed he was a warrior and embraced Shahadat.” wrote Sheemaa.

Losing a beloved is never easy, seeing them suffer is difficult but not able to be there for them while they suffer is unbearable, And so Sheemaa thanks the Almighty for allowing her to be by his bedside till his last breath.

“I am grateful to Allah for putting everything so perfectly for us. We all became COVID negative by Sunday, which allowed Faisal to come out of isolation and I could be by his side sending him off. I was blessed to have been holding his hand as his soul raised from his body. Allah made me fulfill my promise to Faisal that I would never leave him no matter what came through our life.”

There was peace in the room

15 years time with a person you love feels like a rushed moment waiting to end. Sheemaa’s patience outranks the best of ours in such a crucial time.

“It was a special moment, there was so much peace in that room. The nurses and doctor waited for me to get done with whatever I wanted to recite or say, or if I still wanted to hug him or kiss him. They did not rush me through it at all.” she wrote.

“I gave him Ab-e-zam zam, I recited kalma in his ears as I said my final Bye to Faisal, “Faisal I am holding your hand, you want to go now, you may leave. I will hold your hand so it is easy for you to go, and I get the comfort of fulfilling my promise.” she wrote. The doctor opened the window. They left me close to him and they all stepped back as his soul proceeded to leave his body. And in 10 min the doctor told me now he is gone. I blew a farewell kiss to him and said “now you may go say bye to your girls, your parents, your brother and sister, and start your final journey. I will meet you on the other side, and request a special place for me too.” she wrote relaying her heart-rending experience.

Goodbyes are always hard

It takes a lot to accept that you will never see your loved one again. A lifetime of promises and plans slip away in an instant. Sheemaa not only showed courage but her internal peace is profound and inspiring.

“Yesterday, I did not only lose my husband, I lost my best friend, my partner in everything. Our whole life was around each other. These 5 weeks of not being able to be with him were the toughest ones for me, the fact that I could just not be there to comfort him, used to kill me every day. I used to speak to him over the phone as much as I could, just to let him know I am there. May Allah never give anyone this time.

Image courtesy: Facebook

I am glad that, the girls and I were able to tell him how much we loved him, when we did a video with him last Thursday and he got to tell us how much he loved us, ever since he was deeply sedated.” she wrote in the end.

We stay preoccupied with our mundane activities, not batting an eyelid over the global pandemic, freely roaming out and about amongst silent chaos. While the privileged shop for Eid and host dinner parties, many pass away into the midst yearning for a moment with their families.

Faisal passed away silently in mere 5 weeks leaving behind uncountable memories. Hope and dreams for his young daughters. And pure love for his grieving wife.

May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and give the family strength and sabr to bear such a great loss.

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