Here’s How Healthy People Lead To A Healthy Economy

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“Health is wealth”, we have heard this proverb so many times and it is accurate actually because there is a strong relationship between healthy people and higher economy. The more the people are healthy, the higher would be the economy. If people serve their country, the economy can be increased progressively.

If people are healthy both physically and mentally, they can be educated properly and serve their country in the future, this would automatically increase the economy of a country. Since we see that only those can go to school for education who are healthy, other disabled children can’t go to school due to their illness, so they can’t serve their country they are themselves dependent on others.

Source: Laura Salvinelli

The diseases are spreading everywhere in Pakistan, and we can see consequences to water is not pure and it cause many problems to a healthy person we see hospitals are full every day, if everytime people have to go to hospitals for treatment then it means they have to pay so much money so how can GDP be increased if they don’t work and spend whatever they have.

The government should pay attention to these basic problems of the country, if better staff and better infrastructure would be created then it would help the poor class for treatment with less money because they can’t play like the elite class in private hospitals.

Source: Arab News

We ourselves can do some charity for the people to help them to get treated properly in private hospitals, if they would be healthy, they can go to school and education is a big change in any society. Literate people can give so much to society, they are the cause of increasing economy of a country.

Quality matters so much, infrastructure investments are very low in Pakistan, proper schools, responsible staff, and honest people are required for good infrastructure and this is where our country is lagging.

Change can be made only if we want to change and this would happen if we would start thinking about changing ourselves for the betterment of society and society represents its country, so country’s name would be valued in the world.

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