Labor Day: Health Care Workers Neglected By Govt Despite Giving Their Best

Doctors in Pakistan during coronavirus

The first of May is dedicated to laborers. around the world. Presently, there are no better workers than the front line health care workers. Therefore, the whole world is paying tribute to them for their services.


Nevertheless, besides the services of health care workers, the government is not assisting them in fighting the pandemic. In addition, social media platforms are replete with stories and tweets, regarding health care workers.

Doctors in Pakistan during coronavirus

Source: Twitter

Reportedly, hundreds of doctors have been affected by the deadly COVID-19; all because of a lack of personal Protective Equipment PPE. Although doctors protested against the dearth of PPE, the government did not pay any heed rather arrested them.

Following the current situation of health care workers, people, and doctors of Twitter paid tribute to front line warriors and protested against the administration.

”Doctors have faced Lathi charge & lack of PPE”

Requesting CM Punjab to accept demands of PPE

MPA Shazia Karim paying tribute to health care workers

The video is drenched in emotion…

A video showcasing realities; safety of our health workers is important

If health workers fall, society will fall

All this death and destruction will be on you IK!, says Dr.Mahra Butt

Earlier, a doctor in Peshawar lost his battle against the coronavirus. Similarly, a young doctor doing her house job also got affected by COVID-19 and lost her battle with life.

Above all, people in Pakistan are paying rich tribute to the front line warriors. However, journalists, doctors, civil society, and almost every educated person is urging the government to provide facilities to the health care workers.

Furthermore, the ration of positive cases among health care workers is soaring. Currently, there is no approved drug or vaccine to treat the pandemic. Hence, the government must take bold steps to at least protect the health care workers.

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