Move Away Hairflips, Head & Shoulders #DandruffFreePakistan Move is Here!

‘Tis the season!

Spirits are high and cricket fever is on a roll because the entire country is swept away by the mega event, Pakistan Super League. We are verging towards the end of another successful season, with the top 4 closing in for the final stages.

Source: Cricket Addictor

Let’s reflect upon some of the priceless moments that have shared all along this season. One can surely count on the iconic #DandruffFreePakistan movement

For Pakistanis, cricket is not just cricket… we like to have more fun; we like to do things differently and #DandruffFreePakistan has made sure of that!

What is it all about? If you have been paying attention and watching PSL, then you must have noticed the crowd shaking their hair in front of cameras. Sounds bonkers? Well, what do you mean…? THERE’S A CHANCE TO WIN PKR 1 MILLION, as Ali Zafar explains here:

The Dandruff free move is the coolest thing we’ve witnessed in PSL this season and people love it!

It’s brought to us by one and the only, #HeadAndShoulders and it’s literally a delight to watch everyone aboard the bandwagon of #DandruffFreePakistan.

How cool is it? There’s so much going on, on Twitter…

Ladies and Gentleman, brace yourselves for this. Trust me, you don’t get to such scenes in your average cricket matches. Ramiz Raja – what a man!

Even the bald guy did it the cool way ?#DandruffFreePakistan #HeadAndShoulders

Posted by CBM – Comics By Majid on Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hahahaha it has taken a toll on people!

It’s different, it’s never been done before and it’s easily the coolest way to win a grand prize!

Have a look at this! This is certainly the best one 🙂

The #DandruffFreePakistan movement is surely one of the best things about PSL this season and we are geared up for who wins and bags a million. Good luck to all!

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