HBO Has Announced A Prequel Of GoT Named ‘House Of The Dragon’!

HBO announces GoT spinoff House of Dragons

Let’s start off by visiting old scars: Game of Thrones season 8 was a big disappointment. The finale didn’t do justice to the entire story-line and the intense build-up that placed us all at the edge of our seats with millions of theories popping up every few minutes explaining who will take the throne. On this note, bravo to those who placed their bets on Brandon Stark. Let’s keep our anguish aside and focus on the current breaking news.

HBO announced a GoT prequel by the name ‘House of the Dragon‘ featuring 10 episodes!

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This GoT spinoff is said to take place 300 years before the events of the iconic Game of Thrones. The storyline surrounds House Targaryen. The new series announced Tuesday is said to be based on George RR Martin’s book Fire & Blood. According to the reports, the new series will be released on HBO max; a new streaming service that is launching in May 2020.

It is also said that HBO max will be competing with Netflix Inc and Walt Disney Co and will be ready to avail at $15 per month. According to Film Stories, HBO max will not be coming to the UK.

Some speculate that the network smartly announced this show to boost their streaming service. However, nothing has been confirmed including the date on which ‘House Of The Dragon’ will release. Moreover, originally Naomi Watts was chosen to star in the prequel called ‘Bloodmoon’, but sources confirmed the rumors of that not happening. No reason has been disclosed so far. Hence, all that waiting for Bloodmoon with Naomi were laid to rest in the event shortly after HBO max was showcased to the press and investors.

House of the Dragon expectations:

Since there haven’t been any leaks so far and not even the slightest clue about the cast, one can only imagine. However, safe to say, it wouldn’t match up to the greatest of all time medieval fantasy series that won a whopping 12 Emmy awards on top of the prize for the best drama series, this September. However, considering the magnitude of production including the complex storylines, the expectations for this series must be high.

We are anxiously awaiting more details on this megahit spinoff. Rest assured HBO max will be receiving massive traffic over its pilot alone. Too big of an assumption? Dragons alone are exciting and when they are of House Targaryen, it’s a whole different ball game. But for now, let’s wait on the plot assumptions made by fans as they are a treat. We are sure someone might get too close to the original story.

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